There are some things to consider when purchasing a brand new set of headphones. One of the main things you should consider is open or closed. Youtuber, Techquickie explains this as fast as possible. More »

We all know turning water to ice is no magic trick, but at the rate this guy does it makes it seem like a magic trick. Watch as he instantly turns a bottle of water into ice. What trickery is this? More »

Gmail recently launched a new feature named “Quick Actions” according to Gmail’s official blog. Quick action is designed to help organize events, by helping you tackle your digital do-to-list a bit quicker. More »

50,000,000,000 that’s a tremendous number. But what’s even bigger is the rate of growth, as it only took 14 weeks to get from 40 billion to 45 billion from January to April. After that, it took less than 4 weeks to get from 45 billion to 50 billion. That’s pretty impressive. More »

A recent update to Google Wallet allows you to send money via Gmail. Now you can send money and an email message all in one go. More »

Microsoft has recently been defending all the reports that have been saying that changes to their Windows 8 represents the company admitting to its mistakes. More »

Can you imagine your life today without the internet? I can’t. Heck, I’d go crazy if I lost the internet for only 2 minutes. During Google’s I/O keynote, this video was shown, revealing how the Web was built, according to Google. More »

Never again will you have to go through tedious clicking on Facebook to find what you want with these simple key board tricks. More »

Craigslist is a very useful tool if you’re looking to buy something used or perhaps you want to put something up for sale yourself. This 29 year old single mom, Redus, put her son up for sale, according to the Daily Dot. More »

There really are some of the best life hacks that need to be shared with the world - this is just one of the very many. More »

Youtube’s live-streaming service was initially limited to a select few. Thing’s are about to change however. Starting May 15th, users with with over 1,000 subscribers can now sign up for this new service. With this new service, account holders can insert ads, use multiple camera angles, and add close captions. If you’re a viewer, you will have the option to rewind. More »

Want to look tech saavy by wearing the Google Glass? This guy got it covered. Chinese entrepreneur Sunny Gao recently printed a 3D version of these fancy specs. Easy. Too bad they’re just for looks though. More »

CPR may look like a simple procedure, however, it must be performed properly and effectively in order to save a life. Here’s where TrueCPR comes in, a monitor, developed by Physio Control. More »

Calendars have become absolute now due to smart phones. So what can give calendars a competing edge? A calendar made out of tea of course. More »

Amtrak will roll out new high efficiency trains between the fall of this year and 2016. More »

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