Sony might be planning a PS3 Slim release soon. That’s according to rumors Engadget has come across. The rumor is spreading like wildfire, that Sony has cut a deal with Foxconn and Pegatron to come up with a new revised PS3 model for a possible August release.

Engadget had another rumor they touched one, one that involved a next generation console all together in Spring of 2010. Although the rumor has been circulating throughout the net, Engadget doesn’t think it’s a possibility because the Playstation 3 is hitting its prime and the new motion controller was designed for the current generation of consoles.

Sony has been rumored to make a price cut sometime this year on their Playstation 3 gaming console, fueling a PS3 Slim release.

(via Engadget)

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vuong22 said: i need the ps3 to go down to like $200 or like $150 then i could afford it cause games are like wow

seriously that cost too much

i need the ps3 to go down to like $200 or like $150 then i could afford it cause games are like wow

Sony is getting on my nerves with their slim versions. Just make another system that’s slim if that is the case. >___<

They need to make a price cut on the PS3. It’s too expensive. The motion controller looks cool though.

suggest a link

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