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I was excited to hear this news. Michael Arrington’s Crunchpad might be coming soon. According to The Strait Times, it’ll be released in November. If those does come out in November, it’ll be an amazing Christmas this year. Apple is also planning to release a tablet some time soon. (CrunchPad details after the break). More »

You know that annoying voicemail message that pops up after calling someone and not getting through? Yeah, you know what I’m talking about:

At the tone, please record your message. When you have finished recording, you may hang up, or press 1 for more options. To leave a callback number, press 5. (Beep)

I hate it just as much as you do. Well, New York Times Tech guru David Pogue hates it so much, he decided to take a stand against it. More »

If you travel to foreign countries, you know how hard it is to use those dictionaries and find you way around. With Trinvo’s new talking translator, you’ll never get lost. This translator talks in 12 different languages, which makes it a breeze to travel, at least to those countries this thing translates. More »

Using a GPS system is okay but when relying on it to take you where you want to go, that’s when problems arise. This is what happened to a couple of Swedish tourists in Italy. They were using a GPS system to take a 400 mile detour to the beautiful city of Capri. Instead of typing in Capri, they somehow managed to type in Carpi, which was a city 400 miles away. More »

The 4th in the LG Black Label Series, the BL-40 is all about the screen which is a 4 inch HD-LCD and can support resolutions up to 800×345 pixels. The 21:9 aspect ratio makes viewing videos and texting on the phone, mesmerizing. More »

Talk about more bizarre news. Amazon is being sued by a high school student after Amazon pulled the copies or George Orwell’s 1984. Amazon faced a barrage of criticism after deleting the books from user’s kindles. CEO Jeff Bezos publicly apologized, but people were still upset. The student Justin Gawronksi, says he bought the Orwell book to complete a summer assignment and had taken notes on the Kindle. More »

Sony looks like they’re updating their slew of eBooks. Mobile Read seems to have found a few pictures of a possible upcoming Sony PRS-300 and PRS-600. They were discovered as service manuals and now the questions will begin. Is this the Kindle killer? Will it have wireless capability? Let’s find out. (pics and specs after the break) More »

Google has announced they’re providing more than 1 million free public domain books for Sony’s eBook Store. These books cover many genres, for example, historical texts, romance novels, and some classics. Sony now has a broader range of books for its customers on their own book and could possibly attract some new customers with Google’s help. More »

Creative ZiiLabs introduced the Zii Plaszma, a new platform that works for both Android and the Plaszma OS. They also announced the release of the upcoming Zii EGG handheld StemCell PMP, which mirrors the look of the iPod Touch. The EGG works with both Android and Plaszma OS, has a 3.5 inch, 10 point multi-gesture touchscreen, which displays HD video in 1080p. More »

The BlackBerry is known for its strict businesslike structure, not for gaming but this Wireless Bluetooth Zeemote JS1 is about to change all of that. The Zeemote JS1 Controller allows you to play the games that are already on your phone and works with any BlackBerry that has a trackball. More »

Ahh the good times. That’s all Nintendo had up until last quarter. Now they’ve dipped to a tune of 66 percent. Nintendo announced in an earnings report that they’ve finally taken a hit, citing less demand for the Wii and stronger yen. More »

If you haven’t heard, Apple rejected the Official Google Voice app for the iTunes App Store. Many in the internet world are upset at Apple and AT&T for it. Twitter users were able to voice their frustration using the social network. More »

Wall Street Journal reporter Ben Charny broke some pretty big news and said CES 2010 might have Apple at the tradeshow, “Apple plans to attend the show’s 2010 version, marking the first time in memory the Cupertino, Calif., consumer-electronics giant will be there.” But Charny report is being shot down by GDGT co-founder Ryan Block. More »

Move over iPhone, women in Hollywood and the entertainment industry don’t really care for your sleek look and multi-touch capabilities. Here are 12 of the hottest women in the world carrying a blackberry over the hyped iPhone. More »

When the new iPod Shuffle came out, people were very irritated with the device because the controls of the iPod were on the included Apple earphones and couldn’t use the earphones of their choice. Belkin has come out with a rather simple solution to this problem. They’ve released a headphone adapter that allows you take control shuffle with any pair of earphones. More »

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