Linux is big business -

Hot on the heels of the news of UNIX’s 40th anniversary comes a Linux Foundation report entitled Who Writes Linux. This report investigates who is contributing to the Linux kernel, and how much: “Since 2005, over 5000 individual developers from nearly 500 different companies have contributed to the kernel. The Linux kernel, thus, has become a common resource developed on a massive scale by companies which are fierce competitors in other areas.” Wow! Click through to see who’s been contributing…CrunchGear

Wii Sports Resort 8-in-1 Pack Preserves Every Ounce of Summer Fun -

Summer may be on its way out, but the Wii Sports Resort kit makes sure the fun never ends. A ping pong paddle, wakeboard and row boat paddle attachment for the Motionplus?! Sign me up…Gizmodo

Google refutes USA Today report on blocked Skype application -

While Apple was busy batting away the FCC with its litany of reasons why its app approval process is totally hunky-dory, Google was apparently having its own VoIP-related firefight. It seems that an article in the USA Today which hit newsstands this morning alleges that the internet giant sought to block (dare we say reject) a full Skype application from making its way into the Android Market. The story claims that the application was neutered to become “a watered-down version of the original that routes calls over traditional phone networks” — which would obviously cast a decidedly malevolent slant to the benevolent company’s policies…Engadget

The Evolution Of Apple’s iPod Brand From 2001-2009 -

This September, we’ll see the latest evolution in the Apple iPod line. It’s being rumored that the iPod Touch and Nano will both offer cameras in the upcoming versions. The entire week we’ll dedicate a post to the evolution of Apple products and while we wait for the iPod rumors to turn into reality, let’s take a look back at the iPod, and how it evolved into the sexiest and the best music player in the world…Ziggytek