Oh Goody, more Apple Tablet rumors! This one comes from a Gizmodo source “that has always been 100% reliable.” The source tells Gizmodo that Apple may be working on a 13 and 15-inch tablet models, along with the long rumored 10-inch model, and run the full version of OS X 10.5. Here’s more from Gizmodo:

This source claims that the two touchscreen prototypes—made of aluminum, but on the shape of big iPhones—were in a factory in Shenzuen, China. One of them “was running Mac OS X 10.5.” When I asked, the source didn’t know if these were built for demonstration purposes, or if they were preproduction units. The company has a tight relation with Apple but “it’s not FoxConn.”

At least now, we have some idea (even though it’s a rumor) that the tablet won’t have a crippled OS. Hopefully a full version of the OS X runs across all three models. It wouldn’t make sense to have it on 2 and not the third. I don’t see Apple doing such a thing. Stay tuned for more details.

(Via CrunchGear From Gizmodo)

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