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The U.S. Government has nothing better to do than arrest college kids for modding their own game consoles. A 27-year-old CSU-Fullerton student was arrested after Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency raided his home, then was charged with two counts of violating the Digital Millenium Copyright Act for modding his video game systems. More »

Famous Old Person Does Not Understand Why Netflix Rules - Gizmodo

The Shack: You have questions, we have propaganda - Engadget

Creator of Palm Pre commercials puts pipe down long enough to defend his work - Boy Genius

Pre Philosophy: Why are Palm’s ads the way they are? - CrunchGear

The 10 Most Iconic Cell Phones Of Our Time - ZiggyTek

If you’re always on the go and own an iPod or iPhone, you’ll really want the new Kensington charging dock. The dock also offers a rechargeable mini battery pack that offers extra juice for on-the-go charging. More »

Could it be true? Could Netflix be coming to the iPhone? According to Crunchgear, a Netflix exec said that Netflix streaming will be coming to the Nintendo Wii and the iPhone through an app. This means I can still get access to great TV content on the road on my iPhone. This means boring days in the airport waiting for family can actually be entertaining. More »

Looks like someone over at Barron’s has already seen the Apple Tablet. According to 9to5mac, the tablet will be announced in September and released sometime in November. The unnamed source from Barron’s said the tablet is all ready to go but waiting for the Almighty Steve Jobs to give his final approval. More »

Two worlds are colliding and the result is something catastrophic, and cute?! Star Wars and Hello kitty are coming together to form the Hello Kitty Storm Trooper. More »

Samsung is ready to release their latest Android phone, the Galaxy Lite i5700. Just added to the rest of the Android family, the Samsung phone will have Wi-Fi certification, which will likely improve the features, since this phone is a Lite version of the original Galaxy. More »

Apple has always been in the grasp of secrecy and has always managed to hide anything that could possibly affect their business. With the many problems ell, we’ve all seen the stories of iPods catching on fire and burning things around them. Recently, Apple has been battling a small problem, exploding iPods and they’re trying to keep it a secret from the consumers. More »

Cell phones were once developed to allow phone call without wires and from anywhere within a connection. Since then, the evolution of the cellular phone has created today’s modern day cellular phone aka the smartphone. But smartphones are also continuing to evolve into computer like devices capable of doing things we could have dreams of a few years ago.

For smartphones to become what they are now, there had to be pioneers, the most iconic cell phones, the ones that have paved the way for today’s advanced mobile handsets. Let’s a look at 10 of the most iconic cellular phones that have helped shape today’s smartphone. More »

Eric Schmidt, the man who sat on both Apple and Google’s board of directors, resigned from Apple today. Does this surprise anyone? With Google entering Apple’s space on the OS front with Google, and Android mobile software, it was a matter of time before something gave. And let’s not forget the craziness going on with the Google App being rejected from the Apple App store. More »

As if there weren’t enough speakers to choose from, now you can have a piggy playback your music. The piggy speakers are available in various colors - gold, pink, white, and black. The tail has been swapped for a cord with the headphone jack while the stomach turned into the a speaker system. More »

Sony tried to hide it but the power of Google lets us know that Sony is planning to introduce two new Readers. J&R posted product pages of the new Sony releases only to be pulled a little later. It was on their website long enough for Google to cache the page. The specs on the J&R page are not any different than what we saw in the last leak. More »

You run to stay in shape but you can also make it charge your phone with the Lola Mensa’s Cargador De Cellular. The cell phone charger uses kinetic energy to charge the internal battery which can then be used to charge your phone. More »

Whether or not you like iPod Docks, you’d have to give the Rotaliana Diva dock a look. It has a quirky, yet unique look and function. It has a contraption that comes out, which turns into a desk light and an LED clock. More »

Pop-Tarts were one of my favorite foods in college. They were quick to eat and easy for the on-the-go college student. Now you can have the same look for your iPhone with a Pop-Tart sleeve. Just make sure not to take a bite out of these. You won’t get the same sugary taste or filling but still look enough to eat.

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