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The popularity of netbooks still haven’t waned. This time Nokia is jumping aboard the netbook train and hoping to cash in with some updated features and possibly Windows 7. The Nokia “Booklet 3G” will be an Intel/Microsoft-based netbook with 3G, built-in GPS, with 12-hour battery life and a weight of 2.75 pounds. There isn’t much more on the details end. Nokia says they’ll announce the specs and will have more details next week, on September 2nd. Check out the teaser pics after the break. More »

Apple has officially released Snow Leopard. The wait is over, so if you feel the need to upgrade to the latest Mac OS X software (which you should), then head over to the Apple store and pre-order a copy for yourself. It’ll ship out this Friday. I’ll eventually get the Snow Leopard OS X software but will hold off til they’re in stores. There are three Apple stores in Manhattan, I can easily walk into any one of them and walk out within minutes.

Apple Store link: Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard More »

Looking to change up your apartment? Why not start with a faucet that offers a touchscreen technology with the ability to control water flow and temperature with the touch of a button? You can do that with the V-touch basin mixer. It offers a touchpad to control your sink and makes the temperature and water flow easy to read with red and blue dots behind the white Tecnoril material. This will give any kitchen a modern updated look but don’t expect this kind of technology to come cheap. It’ll definitely cost you a pretty penny. More »

Check out this new design by Brazilian designer Lucas Vieira. It’s called the Coffee Office Workstation. Basically he designed a work space that’s designed to look like a coffee mug. Now of course this requires getting rid of a lot of corners. There’s enough space for a computer, and room to move. Check it out after the break. More »

Apple is in hot water after pretty much admitting they’re the ones behind the Google Voice app rejection but now things are getting a little hotter for them, literally. The European Commission is making the Directorate-General for Health and Consumers ask Apple about the recent reports of exploding iPods and iPhones in Europe. Apple is complying with the request and had this to say:

“These are isolated incidents and… there is not a general problem,” Apple said in a statement filed with the Commission. “For the cases which have been reported in the media, Apple [is] trying to get more information on the details of the incidents and will do tests as necessary to investigate the possible cause.”

There have been three reported incidents in Europe that have health officials concerned. A teenager in France injured his eye, when the glass from his girlfriend’s iPhone shattered. A Dutch man left his iPhone 3G in his car, only to find it had burned a hole in his car seat after it caught fire. And a man from UK was extremely upset when his daughter’s iPod Touch exploded after he dropped it. In the case of the UK man, he claims that Apple asked him to keep quiet about the incident in exchange for a new iPod Touch. More »

If you’re one of those people who’s not easily disgusted and have a thing for skulls, then have we got the perfect gadget for you. Artist Ivan Mavrovic has designed a mouse made out of a sheep’s skull. Yup that’s right, you’ll be pushing around a sheep’s dried up head.

But don’t worry the sheep skull design is not for sale, so you won’t find it at your favorite electronic shop. The design is definitely unique and different but not one that would be appreciated by the masses. More »

Installing the Whitoken theme on your iPod Touch -

It seems like only yesterday that we were slobbering over the Whitoken theme for the iPod Touch. Well, today you can install this amazing theme with a little muss and fuss. The first step is to jailbreak your iPod with redsn0w and install Cydia, the app installer, and theme manager Winterboard. QuickPWN will take up the slack for you, showing you all the steps necessary to make your iPod look like the controller on the Axiom….CrunchGear

Solar-powered UFOs spotted in the canals of Osaka, Japan -

Alien spacecraft exist, and it seems all they want to do is keep our water clean. A pair of Solar UFOs have been built by Tokyo-based engineering group NTT Facilities for the Aqua Metropolis festival in Osaka, Japan. (Coolest name for a festival ever, or what?)

Despite how they might look, the solar-powered duo are monsters in their own right: they weigh in at 3.4 tons each, and they are five feet tall and 16 feet in diameter. The machines are equipped with filtration systems that pump fresh oxygen into the water by day, and are ringed by LED lights that turn on at night….Dvice

Zune HD Box Spotted in the Wild -

According to a Twitter tipster, this right here is the official Zune HD packaging. It’s pretty much the same as previous Zune boxes, but with color, because the Zune HD is the rainbow of the Zune family…Gizmodo

Lucky Mac mini buyer got Snow Leopard disc in the box? -

If his story is to be believed (and it seems pretty believable), an anonymous tipster to Engadget Japanese got a nice surprise with his recent Mac mini purchase: a Snow Leopard install disc. It’s one of those vanilla hardware-specific install discs, dubbing itself Mac OS version 10.6, and clearly packing the goods if the screenshots don’t lie. This only adds confusion to the ship date, which has been listed as August 28th on Apple’s online store, dubbed as “September” elsewhere, and obviously been totally disregarded in this specific case. No matter what, it looks like we won’t have long to wait. Hit up the read link for a couple of Japanese-infused screencaps….Engadget

Microsoft To Stop Selling Office Over Word Issues? -

Microsoft is going to be out some serious cash after the case against them over patent infringement is finally settled. Canadian company i4i, sued Microsoft over the Office Open XML file format found in Microsoft Office because it infringed on one of their patents. This past Tuesday, Microsoft filed an injunction to delay the $290 it owes i4i over damages and asked to put a halt to a court order that asked Microsoft to stop selling Word within 60 days. Microsoft says if they’re not allowed to sell Word, then they won’t be able to sell the Microsoft Office software which would harm the company beyond repair…Ziggytek

Dynaudio, a leader in cool high-end speakers, are releasing some sweet customized speakers with five drivers built into their speakers. The Consequence Ultimate Edition offers five drivers in every speaker, for a very expensive price: $70,000.

While I can think of thousands of other things I can spend $70,000 on, if you want and can afford it, then you’ll get it. Dynaudio does give you the option to choose your own kind of wood. They better let me choose my own kind of wood, if I’m going to be laying down 70 Grand. To be fair, these speakers look amazing and probably sound absolutely amazing. Check out the pics after the break. More »

Justin Timberlake is known for his music, not gadgets (we don’t even know if he likes gadgets) but man if the guy could put his name on an MP3 player that looked like his new fragrance “Play” by Givenchy, I’d definitely want one. Check out the pics after the break and tell me you don’t like the way that thing looks. Something would have to be done about the clear bottom, I wonder what you could put there, cuz you know no one wants to see wires or the insides of an MP3. Either way, when you see this in your department store, just know it’s Justin Timberlake’s fragrance, not an MP3 player or any new type of music player. More »

Microsoft is going to be out some serious cash after the case against them over patent infringement is finally settled. Canadian company i4i, sued Microsoft over the Office Open XML file format found in Microsoft Office because it infringed on one of their patents.

This past Tuesday, Microsoft filed an injunction to delay the $290 it owes i4i over damages and asked to put a halt to a court order that asked Microsoft to stop selling Word within 60 days. Microsoft says if they’re not allowed to sell Word, then they won’t be able to sell the Microsoft Office software which would harm the company beyond repair. More »

After the release of the famous iPhone 3GS, companies knew there was a money making strategy in making cases for the iPhone, especially cases that cater to the upgraded camera. The latest popular case is the Factron Quattro case for the iPhone 3GS. This case combines leather, carbon fiber, and stainless steel to form the ultimate protection for your phone. It is completely sealed so nothing can harm your phone.

The case itself costs $200 but if you would like to add additional lenses, then it will be an extra $15-$20. One of the biggest problems with the iPhone was the camera and how it couldn’t zoom in or flash when the picture was taken. Well, these additional lenses allow you to zoom, and use Fish eye lens (extremely wide shots). Although the case and lenses are kind of bulky, it does seem reasonable for amateur photographers who don’t want to leave their comfort zone, the iPhone. More »

Linux is big business -

Hot on the heels of the news of UNIX’s 40th anniversary comes a Linux Foundation report entitled Who Writes Linux. This report investigates who is contributing to the Linux kernel, and how much: “Since 2005, over 5000 individual developers from nearly 500 different companies have contributed to the kernel. The Linux kernel, thus, has become a common resource developed on a massive scale by companies which are fierce competitors in other areas.” Wow! Click through to see who’s been contributing…CrunchGear

Wii Sports Resort 8-in-1 Pack Preserves Every Ounce of Summer Fun -

Summer may be on its way out, but the Wii Sports Resort kit makes sure the fun never ends. A ping pong paddle, wakeboard and row boat paddle attachment for the Motionplus?! Sign me up…Gizmodo

Google refutes USA Today report on blocked Skype application -

While Apple was busy batting away the FCC with its litany of reasons why its app approval process is totally hunky-dory, Google was apparently having its own VoIP-related firefight. It seems that an article in the USA Today which hit newsstands this morning alleges that the internet giant sought to block (dare we say reject) a full Skype application from making its way into the Android Market. The story claims that the application was neutered to become “a watered-down version of the original that routes calls over traditional phone networks” — which would obviously cast a decidedly malevolent slant to the benevolent company’s policies…Engadget

The Evolution Of Apple’s iPod Brand From 2001-2009 -

This September, we’ll see the latest evolution in the Apple iPod line. It’s being rumored that the iPod Touch and Nano will both offer cameras in the upcoming versions. The entire week we’ll dedicate a post to the evolution of Apple products and while we wait for the iPod rumors to turn into reality, let’s take a look back at the iPod, and how it evolved into the sexiest and the best music player in the world…Ziggytek

First available in German, the Biergert & Funk QLOCKTWO is a very different way of telling the time. The QLOCKTWO, now converted into the English language, writes the time in words so there are no hands or numbers on the clock. The clocks have a series of letters across the surface and when a specific time arrives, that time lights up in words.

Biergert & Funk clocks are available in a series of colors and cost a whopping $1,600. Just don’t try to read the time while you’re drunk cuz you’ll never figure it out. For $1,600, I think I’ll pass. I can find other clocks for much less. (Video after the break) More »

Today, AT&T responded to the FCC inquiry into the rejection of the Google Voice app in Apple’s App store. AT&T claimed they had nothing to do with the Google Voice app getting rejected. Guess how Apple responded? They also denied rejecting the Google Voice App, but added they’re still looking into the application because it replaces the iPhone’s core mobile functionality and doesn’t want the Google Voice app to replace the iPhone’s interface.

AT&T didn’t come out and say Apple rejected the Google Voice app or any other app for that matter, but hinted it was Apple’s fault. Apple in this case didn’t throw AT&T under the bus, but instead is making an excuse for “rejecting” the Google Voice application by saying they’re still reviewing it aka we’re telling you we’re reviewing it so you can leave us the heck alone. More »

Microsoft waited til Sony released the Playstation 3 Slim to announce their own price cut. The Xbox 360 Elite is going to now cost $299, the same price as the new PS 3 Slim. Click more for the Wal-Mart ad.

(Via CrunchGear)

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