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Times have changed since the days of Thomas Edison. Light bulbs are everywhere, even the most unnecessary places, like stairwells. Croatian designer Zoran Sunjic thinks that lighting up stairwells and wasting energy is of utmost importance. Sunjic’s design consists of LED lights that are the handrails themselves. More »

Multifunction is getting a whole new look with the KDDI cellphone bar code reader. The new Sharp handset is ideal for business users who are looking to use one gadget rather than two for different tasks. The E06SH is very sturdy with its waterproof hull and fingerprint authentication. It’s almost as if this belongs in a spy movie. More »

In a not-so surprising move, both Sony and Microsoft want apps and an app store for their platforms and are now targeting iPhone developers. First, let’s talk about Microsoft. With the Zune HD announcement, Microsoft made it clear they’re willing to compete with the iPod Touch and have created a marvelous device but the Zune fails where the iPod Touch succeeds, the availability of apps. But Microsoft wants to change that. John Gruber, Daring Fireball, says he received an email from an iPhone developer who was contacted by Microsoft to bring his Twitter app over to the Microsoft, possibly for the Zune HD for ” a bucket of money.” More »

It seems like complaints from customers don’t always fall on deaf ears. Today, AT&T said they’re making changes to their voicemail feature in a response to customer complaints. The feature customers want to get rid of is the long message you get before leaving a voicemail. The campaign to complain was started by David Pogue of New York Times, two weeks ago. More »

Flash drives are some of the coolest gadgets around. Someone is always finding a way to create awesome flash drives with video game characters or cute cartoon characters. Amidst all those flash drives are some strange, weird but unique ones. Here’s 10 strange, unique and awesome flash drives. More »

Speakers are always coming and going. Japanese company Nendo has designed something a pretty cool wireless and bluetooth home speaker in the shape of a bird cage. It’s available in black or white and can be hung up on the ceiling or left on your table. More »

I just found this while browsing through Tumblr. It’s a shot of Google back in 1998, before they became the online search giant. It’s kind of cool to look back at this and see what’s changed over the years. Google still maintains their very clean and simplistic look. Take a look. More »

If you were expecting an Apple Tablet this year, that won’t happen as The Loop is saying the tablet will probably be available in the second half of next year and not September like we’ve all been hearing. Fear not people, you’ll still get your Apple fix in September with the Apple iPod event.

(Via Daring Fireball)

Everyone is now nuts for the iPhone and want to get their hands on one. Well, if you’re looking to go the extra mile, get one that will leave the other iPhone users drooling. The Sayn Design limited diamond edition iPhone is the way to go, and will cost you anywhere from 22,995 Euros to 14,800 Euros ($34,200-$22,000). More »

Now that Microsoft has given us the official release date for the Zune HD, there’s rumors swirling about the impending Apple iPod Event taking place on September 7th, around the same time it’s been held in previous years. Microsoft missed out on a great opportunity to upstage Apple with their Zune HD, if they could have released it a week or two before Apple’s iPod event but in Microsoft fashion, they’ll find themselves looking up at Apple once again. More »

Narcissism is going to a whole new level with the new Samsung ST550 and ST500 digital cameras. Not only do these cameras have the standard screen but they also have a 1.5 inch screen on the front for self-absorbed users to take pictures of themselves. Of course, the only exception that can be made is if they want to take a group shot, but how many of those do people really take? Other than the screen on the front, the cameras have a standard 3.5 inch screen and a 12-megapixel sensor. More »

The Zune HD has been in the shadows for a while, but its stepping out with tantalizing specs and finally a release date. The Zune HD, will give Microsoft a better reputation with its OLED touch screen, in two versions, 16 GB and 32 GB. It will have a 3.3 inch display screen and will have stunning resolutions up to 480×272 pixels with an aspect ratio of 16:9. Also, with its NVIDIA Tegra Chipset and 720p output, HD will truly be flowing through the circuits. More »

Here’s some new pictures of what could possibly be the new Playstation 3 Slim from a Chinese gaming magazine, Gamewave and Best Buy Ads. These are unconfirmed and could be fake but it’s worth a look. It’s being rumored to be released next week, August 19th at GamesCom. Keep in mind, these are not official Sony PS3 Slim pictures. More »

In more Apple Tablet news, videos have been leaked of what looks like the upcoming Apple tablet. Based on how rumors end up being nothing most of the time, these videos could just be that, nothing but it never hurts to take a hard look and see what’s out there.

ZDnet thinks some of the elements of the device in the video are off, but do we really care? If the actual device functions like the way the one in the video, then I want one for sure. It seems like the apps are running pretty smooth and the touch screen responds pretty well.

Take a look for yourself. More »

This is my morning routine:

-Get Up

-Turn the computer

-Check Tweetie for Tweets, Check FB, Check e-mail

-Reply to each one

-Make Coffee

All this takes about half hour depending on how many replies I have to make. This is the first thing I do every morning, weekday or weekend. This is what’s happening in today’s day and age as highlighted by a New York Times article. More »

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