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If you’re a parent and can’t figure out why your baby is crying then you need to get a Baby Cry Analyzer. It analyzes the frequency of your baby’s crying and then determines whether or not your baby is hungry, bored, sleepy, stressed or annoyed. I’ve seen some parents do wonders and can actually tell when why they’re babies are crying but if this could solve that problem, then most new parents should give it a try. it can’t hurt right? More »

If you thought your sibling was sending too many texts, then you thought wrong. According to MobileCrunch, a man sent 662,000 texts in a period of 30 days using his iPhone. The astonishing number is almost impossible but the guy shows proof by having his AT&T bill sent to him through the mail, 12,301 pages of it.

Not only is this guy an idiot for not using an electronic bill, but he’s sitting around trying to break a text messaging record. While he’s showing off the paper mail he’s received in the video (after the break), many people commented on his YouTube account, calling his “accomplishment” a fake. It’s understandable, considering the extremely high number. Here’s how the numbers work out: More »

Microsoft wants a peice of Apple and they’ll do anything to get it, even go low as poaching retail store managers from the Apple Stores. That’s right, if you’re a store manager, you’ll finally be asked to choose your allegiance; stick with Apple and sell products that “work” while dealing with people who say “rad, awesome, great, incredible” all the time or leave Apple and possibly get banned from ever buying an Apple product because Steve Jobs will put your name on a list of people that will never get an Apple product sold to them, ever. More »

Last week, I was hoping and tweeting, there should be a Hulu app for the iPhone so I can watch all the shows returning for the fall, when I’m not near my computer. Of course, there’s rumors floating of a possible Hulu iPhone app but today there was some good news for some iPhone fans, Netflix will be releasing an iPhone, just not right away. More »

There are reports today that the Nintendo might be releasing an HD version of their popular Wii gaming console by 2011. While HD is the next generation of gaming and video content, the Wii has been the best selling console in the last two years without HD capability. The news comes from Yoichi Wada, president of Square Enix, Japan’s biggest gaming house. An HD Wii is inevitable but is 2011 too early? Sales of the Wii suggest that gamers are not looking for an HD version of the gaming console just yet. Nintendo, like most gaming companies, can go through the cycle of releasing new colors, add-ons and lowering prices to stay ahead in console sales.

If the HD version were to be released in 2011, I’d be all for it. One of the reasons for it is because many of the games on the Wii can’t be enjoyed in standard definition. Imagine playing Halo 3 in standard definition, or playing Madden 2010 on the Wii. What’s the point of buying the 2010 version on the Wii, just play any generic football game. The benefit of playing many of these games is to take advantage of the high definition capability, anything less would be pointless. More »

The rumor mill is hot today after rumors of possible Microsoft branded phones and tablet. The news is still murky but this is what we have now:

- 9to5mac says there are two Microsoft branded phones, codenamed Project Pink, to be introduced possibly as early as CES in January. The two devices, one named “Turtle”, and the other, “Pure”, both show signs of possible smartphones. The Turtle shows a microphone and slide-out keyboard, while the Pure seems to have the design of a candy bar style design.

- ZDNet offered their own opinion on the rumors. According to them, “Pink” refers to a Microsoft branded phone that will offer premium features. This means the phone will be manufactured by someone else, most likely Danger, the makers of the Sidekick, which Microsoft acquired in February.

There’s also the tablet rumors going around, which 9to5mac says are “much, much bigger and juicier.” All these rumors are just that, rumors but usually they hold some truth. If Microsoft were to start manufacturing their own phones and release their own tablet, they’ll be giving Apple some serious competition in the technology and manufacturing department, but can they compete with Apple in the hardware sales department? More »

Lately I’ve been getting more and more frustrated with ATT. First of all whenever I make a phone call, the other person can’t hear me. I have to hang up, then call them back or have them call me. I thought it was a problem with my phone but the problem comes and goes with others on the AT&T network as well. The only reason I’m still with AT&T is because of the iPhone and my current family plan. The plan ends in the summer but it be extremely difficult for me to get rid of the iPhone. I’ve been using it for the past few years and couldn’t imagine not using it anymore. More »

We’ve all seen the plants from the Mario brothers games that snap at the characters and drain their life within seconds. Well, its time for some of these fictional plants to make an appearance in our world. Created by artist, Kalapusa, a dedicated Mario fan, devotes his time and energy into making character’s from the imaginary world come alive in our own. The plant is made from a special mix of acrylics, clay, strengthened wire skeleton and stands about 3 feet tall. Check it out, wouldn’t you want one of those on your lawn to scare away neighbors? More »

Microsoft’s Zune HD gets torn apart and sliced by the people over at iFixit. It actually hurt to see this beautiful device being sliced into pieces. The more I see the Zune HD the more I want it. I’m really close to getting it. Here’s some pictures from the iFixit post. More »

Hulu became one of the best online video/movie sites because of its free content and ability to watch TV shows the next day for free, but that may change and you might have to dish out some cash soon. Reports from a Frost and Sullivan analyst say that the site is working on the technical details so that they could add a pay subscription service. The site is currently doing internal beta testing, so expect this to take effect soon. More »

A new Nielson survey reveals that people are on Facebook three times more than Google. People spend an average of 1:53:21 on Google compared to the 5:46:04 on Facebook. For comparison’s sake, YouTube’s average time is 1:17:20. These number place Facebook, the 4th largest website in the world, at the top spot in terms of time spent on their site per visitor. The average time actually increased from July to August from 4 hours and 39 minutes to 5 hours and 46 minutes. So what does this all mean, are we wasting our time doing absolutely nothing? By the look of these numbers, I’d say yes we are. More »

People will try to use anything these days to scare people into buying their products. The latest story comes from the depths of the Pong Research company where a group of “scientists” are trying to sell their new iPhone case by comparing the radiation of the iPhone with cigarette smoking. It’s possible that cell phones can cause brain cancer but not enough evidence can be presented to prove this fact. The iPhone itself is not even one of the top 20 radiation emitting phones according to the FCC. More »

Electric vehicles still have a long way to go before becoming mainstream but that’s not stopping Denmark’s Valentin Runggaldier from developing a solar charging station for electric cars. Bozen, the solar charging stations are currently being tested and if tests prove to be worth the risk, then he’d like to sell the idea to governments. More »

The Google Voice fiasco with the FCC, Google and Apple has taken another turn. According to a new full text released by the FCC, Phil Schiller, the man overseeing the app selection process, personally rejected the Google Voice app for duplication of functionality. This is big news because Apple told the FCC a different story. More »

Global media big shot, Rupert Murdoch will start charging alll WSJ (Wall Street Journal) subscribers to access online content. Murdoch’s bizarre plan kicks in next month, with a $104 fees for non-print or online subscribers for the WSJ Mobile Reader. There will also be a pay wall for as well.

All current subscribers will be charged $1 a week more for accessing all the WSJ content right on their iPhones or Blackberry’s. There will be no charge for those who subscribe to both online and mobile. Dow Jones confirmed that these charges will a global fee and that anyone wanting to access WSJ will have to pay. The apps will download for free as the always did and there will still be a small amount of free content, but majority of it will have to be paid for. More »

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