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Lights, Camera Action! Flip MinoHD is making a reappearance with their all new improved version. Due to Apple’s competition with the iPod Nano, Flip decided to release a new updated MinoHD pocket recorder. Flip updated the mini camera to 8GB instead of the old 4GB memory and made the screen bigger.

The bigger, 2 inch screen (previously 1.5 inches) screen allows the user to record and play in 720p HD showing off the new design of the device. The front of the device has brushed aluminum and rounded off edges, almost like an iPod. On the flip site, a special case is available for the MinoHD, customizable by the user although this doesn’t help out the price situation much. The Flip costs $230 which is too much for many users, especially for a simple recording device. An iPod Nano seems like a better deal for the money although the quality is not too great.

(Via Dvice)

Ever try to buy an item that costs $19.99 on Amazon just to find out that you need at least $25 worth of stuff in your cart to get free shipping? If you need help finding $5.01 worth of products to add to your cart, then use this site.

All you do is type in to the amount you are short by and the site will conjure up a list of items that will help you get free shipping. If you need a gift for a friend, but don’t know what to get, then you could probably use this site to find $25 worth of cheap gag gifts.

Rumor has it that Nintendo’s next DS will be powered by Nvidia’s Tegra platform. I have a DS Lite and I have to admit. It sometimes seems a little underpowered, especially compared to the PSP. If the next generation system is based on the Tegra, Nintendo could easily make a high power device that will further tighten Nintendo’s majority market share. More »

Barnes and Noble is ready to shoot to the top of the e-reader market. In September, Barnes and Noble released their new iRex ereader but that doesn’t seem to be enough for them, they are now releasing a brand new ereader, what looks like a cross between an iPhone and a Kindle. More »

You read it right. Nikon’s upgrade of its D3 full-frame SLR, the D3s is official and It can shoot at up to ISO 104,200. That is 32 times more sensitive than the maximum ISO 3200 my Canon EOS 30D can handle. Nikon says the ISO 6400-12,800 should be a comfortable ISO range to shoot at with 104,200 coming as an expanded mode. More »

We all know about the disaster at Danger that resulted in the loss of all 400,00 Sidekick users’ data. One thing we don’t know is the official explanation. Neither Microsoft (owner of Danger) nor T-Mobile have released an official explanation.

Gizmodo thinks they know the reason of the data loss. Here is something a tipster sent to them: More »

When I first heard about the International Kindle, the first question that came to my head was “will this have free internet access all over the globe?” Well, my question has been answered. More »

Wikipedia, the world’s most technologically available encyclopedia is now retreating back to the stone age with its latest device, the WikiReader. When considering the fact that 75% of the world is without Internet, Openmoko, the manufacturer working with Wikipedia, designed the WikiReader for the people “in the dark.”.

This unit is designed to fit perfectly in someone’s pocket or handbag and is designed to work like an e-reader of sorts, acting as a intelligent source for knowledge when on vacation or a trip without Internet. Openmoko CEO Sean Moss-Puitz says that they had to remove all unnecessary elements (even the paint!) in order to reach a very low price point, which is why the device comes in basic white and black. More »

Just to increase the confusion consumers have when they shop for camcorders, Apple has introduced a new video standard called iFrame. Sanyo is also releasing two cameras that record to the new format. More »

According to a Junior Achievent survey of 12-17 year olds, Steve Jobs is more popular than Oprah Winfrey, Tony Hawk, Mark Zuckerberg, The Olsen twins and Kimora Lee Simmons. That isn’t very surprising because most of those kids probably own Apple products. More »

Remember that white BlackBerry Bold we told you about before? It has a release date now. That’s right, October 18th you can go out to your local AT&T store and pick up your very own Bold in a shiny white case.

You aren’t going to get any more than that, but at least you can tell your friends with iPhones that they won’t be the only ones on the block with white smartphones anymore.

[Engadget Mobile via BGR]

Benjamin Button is finally getting a toy to play with, the MyRacer Q10. This portable media player has all of the latest media tech in there, its just masked by the old 1970’s stylings. This retro PMP, with the protruding knob is definitely an attention grabber although the features are pretty standard. This device supports all major formats, ranging from DivX, Xvid, MP3, AAC, and WMA. More »

Last year while playing for a basketball league with a bunch of my friends, I updated game stats, schedules, among other things with my teammates through Facebook instead of traditional email, not because I didn’t want to but because it was easier and I didn’t have their email addresses. Every one of them had a Facebook account they checked more often than their emails. It wasn’t anything new, I was already following a trend that others had been doing for months on end. Plus, it was easier since most of them checked their Facebook messages more often than their emails. It’s a growing trend among users of social networking sites and it’s a trend that is likely to kill email, says a new Wall Street Journal report. More »

The Nokia Booklet 3G, Nokia’s first netbook is going to be hitting AT&T on next week on October 22nd. The announcement came from both AT&T and Nokia this morning. The Booklet 3G will be require a 2-year contract, and a $60 per month data plan, along with the $299 price tag. That’s a pretty steep price to pay for a netbook that might not even be around in 2 years with the constant updates in the netbook field. I’d definitely hold off before buying the Nokia booklet 3G. More »

Swedish design and consulting firm, Ocean Observations recently posted up two YouTube videos of interesting organization and management concepts that could vastly improve the iPhone experience. Check out the videos and explanations after the jump. More »

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