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From Ningin: In war, it’s often the victors that gets to write the narrative. Since I was captain of the Mixr Users team, history is how I see it. What I saw was…total domination by Mixr Users!! From the beginning, it never seemed like Mixr Bloggers had much of a chance, but people expected a much closer battle instead of the 7-2 final outcome. One of those points on the Mixr Blogger team, by the way, came from a Mixr User not playing. Let’s get to the breakdowns: More »

From Htcyou: The Motorola Milestone (aka Droid) has been in American hands since early winter of last year, but Canadians have been left out in the cold as usual. Although no official date has been set yet, Telus is preparing the Milestone’s launch in Canada, possibly by the Olympics. More »

From Ningin: via Wirebot: Iron Man 2 Trailer Shows Potential For A Good Videogame That Won’t Actually Be Made Should Gamers Get Excited About Apple’s iPad? Yes!

via Ziggytek: Top 5 Worst Celebrity Technology Endorsements Alienware 3D Monitors!

via HTCYou: HTC Bravo: Coming to T-Mobile?

via Ningin: BoA Japan Billboard performance: Is this Mic on? Bong Joon Ho’s Mother out in theaters this March

via Rekuru: Japan Travel Guide: Hiroshima and Nagasaki

via Flaunt Me: Pro Tips: By Pencil Me In Cosmetics

via GirlyBubble: 5 tips to help you not overspend when shopping

via BlitzNation: Q & A With Jerry Azumah

via CrazySingleLife: Dear Mr. Right, From Magnolia More »

New technology has recently allowed scientists to study cell membranes of fossils and have aided them in determining that the existence of feathered dinosaurs is a very real possibility. In fact, scientists now say that feathers evolved on dinosaurs before they evolved on birds. Maybe even more incredible is the fact that from this new technology, scientists can even determine the exact color that these feathers were. More »

Nothing (other than sex and violence) sells technology like celebrities. This top 5 worst list includes products that are just terrible (Shaq Fu), commercials that are plainly awful (Microsoft), and advertisements that are nonsensical: More »

From Wirebot:

By now we’ve all heard what the analysts and game developers think about the iPad, but what about the gamers? How do are we feel about the new tablet? We are thrilled, or at least should be. Since forever clever gamers have been taking apart their coveted consoles and resembling them into more compact shells so they can take their gaming on the road without suffering the drawbacks and limitations that come along with a portable gaming system. Most of the time these contraptions become pieces of fanboy high art, being much too bulky for logical usage. With the iPad, Apple has simplified our vision and gathered support from many developers. More »

With all the hype that’s been put out for 3D, it looks like Alienware is hopping on the bandwagon, releasing their first ever 3D monitor (OptX AW2310). This beautiful 23″ monitor is sleek and sexy, but will cost you $469. It doesn’t stop there though, because an additional 3D kit will cost you $200 extra. More »

With a few changes to your Google settings, it looks like you will be able to “Google” your social networking friends. Using this new Social Search option, you will be able to search for results that are related to people on your Facebook, Twitter, and other common social sites. More »

From Htcyou: Androidspin claims that “a reliable source…who works for T-Mobile” has informed Nicolas that HTC’s high-end Bravo is headed to the carrier for a possible price of $199 with a 2-year contract. More »

Not everyone is as ebullient about the Apple iPad as Steve Jobs and Jonathan Ive. In addition to the storm of complaints from the public, composed of both Apple fans and haters, the CEOs of Google and Nintendo, and Microsoft executive Brandon Watson have also criticized the iPad. More »

From Ningin: Ra-ra-ah-ah, roma-roma-ma, Gaga-ooh-lala..want your Daily Mixr!

via Wirebot: Rockstar Brings Previously “Exclusive” DLC to PS3 and PC Seven Possible Bayonetta Spin-offs

via Ziggytek: Actual Costs of Popular Gadgets: Part 2 Google’s Chinese Sister

via HTCYou: Attack of the Android Tablets!

via Ningin: Drama Review: MR. BRAIN Taiwan enters the Giant Robot Statue Cold War

via Rekuru: A Rekuru Review of Kurosawa’s Dreams

via Flaunt Me: Lost Beauty Survival Kit - Kate Austen

via GirlyBubble: Candy Inspired Accessories

via BlitzNation: Smith Headed to Cleveland?

via SwanDiary: Robert Pattinson, from vampire to cartoon character?

via CrazySingleLife: Introduction to Magnolia More »

President Obama made it clear on Wednesday during his State of the Union address that the United States will not accept second place. Keeping to that promise, President Obama announced on Thursday that the government will spend $8 million to invest in high speed rails in the country. “There is no reason why other countries can build high-speed rail lines and we can’t” ( More »

From Htcyou: The Nexus One gets written about endlessly, yet few people own one. AT&T; is reportedly about to include Google’s smartphone as its first Android offering. More »

After stepping down as chief executive officer of Microsoft, multi-billionaire Bill Gates along with his wife, Melinda, have channeled their time and effort into the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The former technological giant is now focusing his money and energy into eradicating the world of disease through the mass distribution and administration of vaccines. More »

Relations between Google and China have recently been driven to the breaking point, with the search-engine giant threatening to close down its doors in China. In the midst of all this, it looks like a pseudo-Google (谷歌)site has arisen called Goojje (谷姐). More »

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