Not everyone is as ebullient about the Apple iPad as Steve Jobs and Jonathan Ive. In addition to the storm of complaints from the public, composed of both Apple fans and haters, the CEOs of Google and Nintendo, and Microsoft executive Brandon Watson have also criticized the iPad.

Nintendo, not historically an Apple opponent, is now in Jobs’ aim, as his company targets mobile gaming with its iPad and iPhone/iTouch. Satoru Iwata, president of Nintendo, is quoted as saying that the iPad is “totally unimpressive” and is merely “a bigger iPod Touch.”

Meanwhile, Google CEO Eric Schmidt posed his negative rhetorical question about the iPad: “You might want to tell me the difference between a large phone and a tablet.”

Predictable, Microsoft director of product management, Brandon Watson is amused that, “It is a humorous world in how Microsoft is much more open than Apple.”

Are these the unfounded gripes of executives who feel threatened, or do they have some merit?

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