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Manufacturers are in their respective businesses to make money, but some products are designed to be sold in high volume at lower profit margins, while other commodities are not expected to sell in large numbers but at great profits. Here is a breakdown of six mega popular gadgets, their retail prices and actual production costs: More »

From Htcyou: Weeks prior to Apple’s iPad unveiling, Android tablets had been shown prominently at CES in early January. The tablet makers were MSI, Notion Ink, ICD, and Compal. Dell, Quanta, and Archos also have their own machines on the way. More »

From Ningin: The Daily Mixr, not stirred.

via Wirebot: Confessions of a Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Addict Think of the Children! Analyzing R18+ and Australia

via Ziggytek: Top 5 Reasons Why the iPad Will Be a Bust EPIC FAIL FRIDAYS: Top 5 Apple Failures

via HTCYou: HTC myTouch2, myTouch Slide Photos Emerge

via Ningin: Hatsune Miku urges you to recycle those cell phones! Video of the day: Dia is the next Park Bom of 2NE1?

via Rekuru: Bran-new Lovesong: Last Life in the Universe

via Flaunt Me: Ulta to Launch Bargain Beauty Line, Essence

via GirlyBubble: The Art of Foam is a Latte Fun

via BlitzNation: Looking Back at Warner’s Legacy

via SwanDiary: Vampire Diaries Episode 12 - Unpleasantville Reactions More »

Arina Kamorova has designed a new concept model for a shower. The Cocoon Egg shower gets its name from the obvious shape of the unit. Not only does it function as a shower, but it also can be used as a bath tub, or even a hydro massager. More »

From Htcyou: T-Mobile G1 owners might soon be able to retire their aging smartphone. Droid Developer claims to have real pictures of HTC’s soon to be released myTouch2 or myTouch Slide. More »

The National Ignition Facility has just made a breakthrough that may mean a step closer to the clean and efficient energy producing method of nuclear fusion. Although only lasting for a few nanoseconds, the world’s first megajoule laser shows very much promise in the realm of science. More »

From Ningin: Mixr League Gaming fans, are you ready? Tomorrow marks the start of yet another one-day MLG match pitting Mixr bloggers vs. Mixr users. Looking at the official roster, only one thing is certain: Competition is going to be fierce. More »

Every Friday, Ziggytek presents a special article featuring the most epic fails in technological history. Since this is unofficially Apple week, is there a more fitting subject for today’s edition of EPIC FAIL FRIDAYS? Notice that all of these Apple failures listed here predate 2002. Jobs‘ return to Apple in the late ’90s ushered in the company’s golden era, wherein almost everything that the Cupertino wizard touched turned to precious metal. More »

Apple’s iPad will probably be at least somewhat successful, but I have my reservations about its appeal. Personally, I have no need for this e-reader/netbook hybrid, and its shortcomings are quite apparent. Even though I think that it will be a solid seller, to play devil’s advocate, I will propose five major reasons why the iPad should be a failure. More »

Last night, President of the United States, Barack Obama, gave his annual State of the Union address. Speaking for about an hour and ten minutes, the President highlighted the reality of the current situation in the United States, but also forcefully suggested several key changes that need to be and will be made. More »

From Htcyou: Dell’s tardy entrance to the Android parade has not gone unnoticed. Rumored for sometime, the Mini 5 tablet “will be out in a couple of months,” says Michael Dell, as he demos the device in the frigorific winter air. More »

From Ningin: Sometimes you feel like a nut. Sometimes you don’t. The Daily Mixr doesn’t have nuts, just great stories from today.

via Wirebot: The Legend of the Legend of Zelda: Ancient History and Interviews New “Trauma Center” Game On Track For The Wii

via Ziggytek: Top 5 Reasons Why the iPad Will Be a Hit Apple iPad: Revolutionary Newton 2?

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via Ningin: Girls’ Generation Oh! reveals sequel and mystery numbers Tohoshinki breaks out into No.1 on Oricon

via Rekuru: A Rekuru Review of “The Great Yokai War”

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via GirlyBubble: Kawaii Floating Rings by SouZouCreations

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via CrazySingleLife: Goodbye

via SwanDiary: Twilight stars play human baseball for Haiti charity More »

From Htcyou: 20,000 lucky Nexus One owners can dock their baby onto Google’s just released Nexus One Desktop Dock (genius naming). More »

From Htcyou: My favorite web browser, Mozilla’s Firefox is arriving next month for Android. German website Camp-firefox writes that a beta version of Firefox, Fennec, is nearly complete. More »

A new product from Mattel called “Puppy Tweets” allows your dog to (surprise, surprise) tweet. The plastic device connects to your computer via USB. You then have to create a Twitter account for your dog. After that is accomplished, all you need to do is clip the device to your dog’s collar and the device will update Sparky’s Twitter account using various preset Tweets. The device can detect motion and sound and will update the account according to what your dog is doing. Seems like a useful gadget to have, right? I mean, who DOESN’T have a Twitter account for his/her dog? More »

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