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From Htcyou: Android Developer Lab is embarking on a tour that kicks off on February 4th in Austin, Texas and covers Europe and Asia. During the dates, the developers will showcase the latest Android builds and allow attendees to play with new hardware too. More »

From Ningin: Roses are red, violets are blue, you love The Daily Mixr and the Daily Mixr loves you too! Here are the top stories of the day:

via Wirebot: 5 TV Shows That Would Make Great Games GameFly: Zero Inventory, One Low Price! Why Mordin From Mass Effect 2 Rules So Hard

via Ziggytek: How Addicted to the Internet Are You? I Have No Use for the Apple Tablet: Do You?

via HTCYou: People Overestimate Nexus One Sales, Underestimate Its Overall Importance

via Ningin: T-ara embraces their adults-only rating with sexy Arena photoshoot Preview of BoA’s upcoming “Identity” album

via Rekuru: Inuyasha compilation album coming in March

via Flaunt Me: Top 3 At-Home Beauty Indulgences

via GirlyBubble: A little Japanese boy plays Jason Mraz’ “I’m Yours” on ukulele

via BlitzNation: Prince Bleeds Purple and Gold

via CrazySingleLife: Craigslist Personals Ad Hall of Shame: Married, but still looking More »

Famed hacker, George Hotz has cracked Sony’s PS3 –no mean feat considering that no one has been able to hack its copyright protection up until now. Geohot is responsible for hacking iPhone 3.1 as well. More »

From Htcyou: Several sources intimate that AT&T;will lose its Apple iPhone exclusivity by this week. Recently, the carrier announced that Android powered smartphones will finally make their way onto its network, with HTC, Dell, and Motorola slated to combine for five new products coming to AT&T;. More »

Imagine the calm ocean sounds of the arctic. Beautiful, huh? Well, not quite. The Perennial Acoustic Observatory in the Antarctic Ocean, or PALAOA, has set up a live streaming system through which you can listen to the underwater activity of the Antarctic ocean via two hydrophones placed under the surface of the water. More »

I blog, check e-mail, go on Facebook, and chat with friends. Does that make me addicted to the internet? It might. Studies have shown that people are becoming increasingly dependent on the internet and all the “services” it has to offer. Believe it or not, the internet may be doing you a disservice if you use it too much. More »

As we near Apple’s Wednesday event, I have been thinking more about what I would do with the Apple Tablet. If the speculations are correct, and the device will be a family sharing bulletin board, casual gaming handheld, multimedia player, and on-line journal reader, then it could be useful for some middle-class households, but personally, I have no practical application for it, and I doubt that many Westerners under the age of 35 do either. More »

From Htcyou: Hindsight has a way of embarrassing analysts. Take Doug Anmuth (Barclay Capital) who predicted that Google would “move 5 to 6 MILLION Nexus One Handsets in 2010.” Despite the Nexus One’s inability to capture the consumers’ hearts, Google’s first smartphone is still one of the most important in Android history even though it is not an “iPhone killer.” More »

The Boogie Board may well be my next purchase, because it is simple, yet deviously effective. With all the talk about tablet PCs being released, one can be quite overwhelmed with the specs and features being thrown at oneself. The Boogie Board, by Improv Electronics, is a device that allows for two basic functions: drawing and erasing. More »

From Ningin: Mixr League Gaming fans, welcome to today’s MLG Season I, Round I report. Close to being half-way through, there’s nothing but excitement for the 4 teams involved! More »

From Ningin: The Daily Mixr: Everyone tested, Mixr approved.

via Wirebot: Infected Bots and Auto-Spawning Solutions Promised for L4D2 Why Can’t You Just Stick To Your Roots, Square-Enix?

via Ziggytek: The Breaking Point: Google Vs. China Apple: 1, God: 0

via HTCYou: Nexus One Rooted, Cyanogen ROM Adds Multi-touch; myTouch 3G & G1 Running Android 2.1

via Ningin: Hae Lim to replace Wonder Girl Sunmi Battle of the Lollipops: f(x) and China’s M.I.C. vs Big Bang and 2NE1

via Rekuru: Anime You Should See Before You Die: Kurosawa Edition - Samurai 7

via Flaunt Me: Go Glam This Valentine’s Day

via GirlyBubble: Sanrio Saturday: Hello Kitty Weddings or if you like it so much why don’t you marry it?

via BlitzNation: BlitzNation Roundtable Predictions: Championship Sunday

via SwanDiary: Vampire assistant Cody Devereaux makes list of The Tonight Show’s best moments More »

From Ningin: Ningin and Japanese entertainment site,, has positions open for mid-level staff writers! Staff writer positions are for individuals who are fans of Asian pop culture, enjoy the aspect of community and are looking to broaden their horizons in writing. A staff writer position requires: More »

It was announced that Apple would be showing off its “latest creation” next week on January 27th. Although it has not been officially confirmed, many have speculated that this new creation is, indeed, the much anticipated Apple Tablet PC. More »

The recent cyber attack on Google seems to have launched a “freedom crusade” against the restrictive internet policies of China. Secretary of State Hilary Clinton said in a speech on Thursday that, “In an interconnected world, an attack on one nation’s networks can be an attack on all.” More »

Dan Woolley, an American filmmaker, was in Haiti when the earthquake hit almost two weeks ago. He was trapped under rubble for 65 hours and claims that his survival would not have been possible without his handy-dandy iPhone. More »

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