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From Htcyou: All of these exploits are courtesy of hobbyist hackers who seemingly care more about their smartphones than the carriers that sell them. A few days ago, Cyanogen released his ROM for the newly rooted Nexus One, adding multi-touch to Browser. Although no other application works with multi-touch yet, Cyanogen vows to implement the highly coveted feature to the rest of Android. Also, HTC Magic (myTouch 3G) and Dream (G1) owners might be happy to know that their phones can currently run hacked versions of Android 2.1 thanks to Manup456, whose Eclair ROM installs on the aforementioned models and functions nearly flawlessly. More »

From Htcyou: Google’s (presently in embittered political tussle with the Chinese government) decision to postpone a Motorola Android phone launch in China has spurred Motorola to reveal that it will introduce its own Android apps store for the Chinese market. Motorola is teaming up with China’s search engine leader Baidu and will start up Shop4Apps, which is set to go live before Chinese New Year (February 14th). More »

From Ningin: With great stories, comes The Daily Mixr.

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Ever since its creation, it seems that the video sharing website YouTube has grown legs and is going for gold. Bought out by search engine giant Google, the website has recently announced that it will be testing out a movie rental service starting on Friday. More »

From Ningin: And now, one of the moments you’ve been waiting for all day! In all corners of the flash game ring are 4 of the Mixr League Gaming’s strongest teams made up of the best flash game players, this side of the Mixr River. It is with great pleasure that I announce to you, the official game match-up roster for round 1 of MLG Season I. More »

Last year, Sony announced that it would be adding a new feature to its Playstation 3 gaming system: a motion controller. Set to release in spring of 2010, it seems that Sony is feeling the pressure and has slashed that release date and says that the controller will be released in fall of 2010 instead. More »

Every Friday, Ziggytek presents a special article featuring the most epic fails in technological history. Today’s monumental failure strikes to the core of my heart because, to this day, it remains one of the most expensive items that my parents have ever purchased for me. Released in 1993 and far, far technologically ahead of its console gaming competitors Nintendo and SEGA, Panasonic’s 3DO was an epic fail the likes of which only Apple’s Pippen and Atari’s Jaguar (which was all smoke and mirrors) would subsequently surpass in failure. More »

I would not have pegged this device for what it really is, a high-tech cane for the elderly. Developed by TaeWan Kim, the Net-Stick incorporates an LCD, a mini computer with GPS, and stereo speakers. More »

Mozilla has just released the latest version of its internet browser called Firefox. Mozilla has recently seen a decrease in Firefox users due to competition from Google’s recently released Google Chrome internet browser. More »

From Htcyou: AdMob statistics show that in the fourth quarter of 2009, the iPhone and Android smartphone operating systems accounted for 67% of all online advertisement views. Android marketing share quadrupled from 4% in Q1 to 16% by the end of last year. HTC’s drastically increased spending is part of the reason for Android’s rise. More »

It’s times like these that people are able to come together and fight for and support a worthy cause. Just last week, the American Red Cross launched a campaign through which people could donate $10 to the Haiti relief fund simply by sending a text message. The most recent estimate of funds raised has just surpassed $21 million dollars (half of that obviously came from you dedicated ZiggyTekkers out there, right?). Wow! If you have yet to make a donation, though, I urge you to do so. It’ll only take a couple minutes of your time to do and will only cost you $10! Every donation counts; here’s how: Just text “HAITI” to 90999. $10 will be charged to your cell phone bill at the end of the month. So move those thumbs and make a difference!


From Ningin: Nothing outlasts The Daily Mixr. It keeps going, and going, and going, and going…

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From Htcyou: Pundits are suggesting that the Bravo is going to be part of HTC’s unveiling during the Mobile World Conference on February 15th. The Legend is all but officially set to replace HTC’s Hero, while the Bravo is virtually a Nexus One clone. Today, a photo of the smartphone was leaked. More »

After mentioning it a fortnight ago at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Sony is finally introducing its new TransferJet wireless SD cards to the market… in Japan (surprise, surprise). More »

Let us play a game: every week, we scour allover for the strangest looking gadgets, and then you guess wildly what they are. Today’s item appears to be a plastic lollipop. Maybe it is a toy for infants? A learning tool of some kind? More »

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