Although Valentine’s Day is officially over, February, the month of love, isn’t. To show our love, we’re giving away one brand new Apple iPod Touch 3G (32GB). Music is love — why not listen to it with an Apple iPod Touch?

iPod touch lets you enjoy everything you love about an iPod, and then some. Watch your movies and TV shows on a brilliant 3.5-inch display. Use the revolutionary Multi-Touch interface to flick through your music in Cover Flow. And anytime you’re itching for more entertainment, just tap iTunes to browse and buy on the fly.

There’s two ways to enter. Enter twice to double your chance of winning!

#1 Look for the above graphic on the Ziggytek homepage then click on it. A box will drop down that says “Enter Me” so click on that and you’re entered!

#2 Leave a comment in this post telling us how much you love the Apple iPod Touch(and Ziggytek)!

This is open to all registered users. If you’re not registered then what are you waiting for? It only takes a few moments to register. Even faster if you use login with Facebook via Facebook Connect to us. Here are instructions on how to use Facebook Connect.

A prize winner will be determined by random drawing after the contest closes. Winners will be notified via private message.

In summary:
Start Date: Now
End date: March 16th, 2010
Prize: One winner will get one Apple iPod Touch 3G, 32GB
Task: See above.

General Contest Rules

This contest is one of many in the Falling in Love with Mixr Special.

(Avg: Need 5 votes)



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Who Won!!! CoNgRaTz to who ever won!

*dun dun dun dun*
im excited for who is the winner~

I would be crazy not to love ZiggyTek for giving away an Apple iPod Touch =O

It is possibly one of the coolest things I’ve ever known lol. I absolutely adore its gorgeous looks and well, basically everything about it. We might even get married and have kids in the future. Okay kidding

^ ipad would be to expensive! XD but an itouch is still awesome :DD

What a great giveaway! An ipad would be better(too expensive though) but an ipod is really good too. Thanks for the giveaway Ziggytek.

THIS IS AWESOME! what other site would give out an iPod touch?! only ziggytek! ♥ thank you so much for doing this giveaway!!
ziggytek is AWESOME!!!

ohmaiigosh~ an ipod touch?~ 32gb too? :DD
wao ziggytek, you guys rock !

^ TOTALLy agree with you there! :D

I love Ziggytek and Ipod Touch because they offered us this giveaway!

this is so awesome! thanks again <33

@abisy there was a setting in your account (i think) where you can connect your inbox to your facebook inbox!

Apple iPod Touch and Ziggytek is awesome because they are doing this giveaway! <333 ipod touch is awesome because you have your net everywhere you! <333

Apple iPod Touch and Ziggytek are B3@$T… They just say The Ipod is the cake and Ziggytek is the party!!! No wait the Ipod is the Earth and Ziggytek is the Universe… Or they both are the power that makes batteries work!!! =) Ok I think everyone gets the point. For the summery, The Ipod and Ziggytek are the Lords of Tech…

ooh i would love an apple ipod touch!!!!!! thx ziggytech for hosting this contest

Well, Hello Thar xD I’m well pretty old *cough cough 13 cough* and i dont have a ipod… apparently, i’m azn and i have very strict parents, i’m an all A student, and i never ask for anything, but i asked for an Apple Ipod and almost got murdered by my parents o.o Yea so please Help xD

As you can see i am new to this, i found this blog through a friend, because my parents were helping them find info about GPS, COMPS, and electronics and i found this site :D isnt the internet awesome? xD

I want that ipod touch sooooo bad! Thanks Ziggytek!!!

wow this is one awesome giveaway. i love the apple ipod touch cuz its an all in one portable entertainment unit. Ziggytek, thank you for giving away this prize, ur the best!

hot damn, this is one hot prize! who doesnt love the ipod touch? i love all apple products in general actually 8D .. ziggytek is awesome cuz it provides up to date information on all these awesome new gadgets .. i rike it

Your joking? Ziggietech (ZiggyTec) giving away this awesome prize? What’s even better is that it’s 32g. I’m jealous of ZiggyTec.!!

i love ipod touch’s because i love tinkering with gadgets, and i love how multifunctional they are and is very handy for a multiple-in-one gadget <3

oh my a 32 gig ipod touch? count me in!

An iPod touch? Wow, I really wasn’t expecting this… I’ve been looking for a PMP for ages, and I really want the iPod touch but I can’t afford it… wow, this is just too awesome to be true, it would be even more awesome if I got to touch it with my own hands and claim it my own. Oh wells, until that day… Ziggytek has always made me one step closer to technology I can’t afford :P haha! Thanks to the bloggers for blogging!!

Whoa, an iPod touch? I’m loving this giveaway! The iPod touch is one of the best portable entertainment systems out there. Thanks Ziggytek for the great giveaway and for all the tech info news.

Well since I’m new here I’m sure I will love it layer on ><
and I would love to win this! Hahah


i’ve never had an ipod before…… T_T

i really want an ipod touch :(

when they say private message, does it connect to Facebook if thats how you logged in?

Apple iPod Touch and Ziggytek are FREAKIN AWESOME. even more awesome now, because these prizes are to die for..

I am speechless! This prize is the epitome of expensive and awesomeness!

It would be exquisite to own an iPod Touch and Ziggytek is not one to kid around with. You guys come in with weapons blazing with all your unique blogs and information. Thank you Ziggytek!

Dang. An iPod Touch?? Ziggytek always has interesting news. :)

omg, i love ziggytek especially since its so me :D. im a technology geek <3. ohmyyy, itouch is so tempting for me x]

I’m not sure which one I love more, the iPod Touch or Ziggytek.

I’m happy for this contest!

Ziggytek is the place to be for latest (to the point) update of the technology news!! Thanks for spreading the love with these awesome giveaway.

I love Ziggytek because its the #1 source for technology info! :D and I love me some Itouch to get my groove on when I just need time to kill.

I love the iPod Touch 3G because I could totally give it as an awesome gift. I think you all know just how much I love ZiggyTek, seeing as I spend 30 hours a day on it. :-)

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