With all these new bells and whistles that come with the new TVs, one may inquire as to whether all these new specs really matter. Well, Michael J. Miller from PC Mag put two TVs against each other to find out.

The LG 42LH20, which has a 720p display, and the LG 42LH30, which offers a 1080p display were put to a real world test, in which 64 participants were asked to watch both sets and tell which one they preferred. 59% of users preferred the 1080p set, 25% preferred the 720p set, and 16% said they had no preference.

A fair number of the participants said that they could definitely tell the difference between the two sets. It would seem then, that the 1080p is the better set. In addition, 720p and 1080p sets are pretty close in price, so putting in some extra money for the 1080p set, for most, would probably be worth it.

Source: PC Mag