This is official breaking news: Microsoft has declared that no Windows Mobile 6.5 smartphone, not even the HTC HD2, will be upgraded to Windows Phone 7. Aside from having two buttons too many (Microsoft stipulates only three buttons), the powerful HD2 lacks “some hardware components,” according to Tony Wilkinson, who is the Business Operations Director for Microsoft Australia.

Thanks to this declaration, the hopes of HD2 fans have been dashed. Not long ago, some people were even expecting the HTC HD2 to receive a Windows Phone 7 upgrade because the handheld seemingly meets all of the hardware requirements except for the number of buttons. We can only speculate about the missing “hardware components” that the HD2 needs to qualify for the upgrade.

There is now no reason to buy an HD2 or the new HD Mini unless you can find them at steep discounts and/or love Mobile 6.5.

Source: APCMag