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From Ningin: via Wirebot: Game Spotlight: The Xenosaga Trilogy Persona 3 Coming To PSP

via Ziggytek: iPad Replica from China with Google Android OS Intel Xeon 7500: 12 - 8 = 4-Cores Fewer Than AMD Opteron 6000

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via Flaunt Me: Only in Japan: Soy Milk Hot Springs

via GirlyBubble: Bottega Louie’s cute, delicious macarons

via BlitzNation: The Future 40, Prospect 28: Brandon Spikes Scouting Report

via OMGHaute: TouchCloset iPhone App

via SwanDiary: Stephenie Meyer’s new vampire book doesn’t suck blood, just donates More »

Judging by how many people run Hackintosh on their MSI Wind, I know that there is an untapped market for an Apple netbook. A Chinese knock-off is happy to oblige. Equipped with an Intel Atom CPU and NVIDIA Ion2 graphics, this MacBook Pro clone could satisfy your netbook wants. More »

From Omghaute: Spring is here, so that means that it is time to start thinking about switching over the closet for the warmer weather and reassessing our wardrobes once again! This can be a somewhat daunting task for some people, but it doesn’t have to be. I’m trying something new this year and using the TouchCloset iPhone application to help me organize my wardrobe. More »

The Aroma Pump from Actun is an odorous nasal spray. At only 13 mm in diameter and 53 mm long, the capsule should be worn via a clip. What makes this spray unique is that it emits the refillable oil fragrance in tune to the movement of the wearer’s body, so when it is worn during exercise, the Pump will keep you fresh. Essentially, you become a walking Glade air freshener. More »

I have admired Ulysse Nardin timepieces for many years, although I have never owned one (since I personally prefer OMEGA, IWC, Rolex, and Blancpain first), but the Chairman Android smartphone gives me shivers. My philosophy is that I would much rather have a $600 smartphone like the HTC EVO 4G and a $48,900 wristwatch instead of a hybrid like the Chairman, which is shipping this month. Since the Chairman is limited to 1846 copies and is targeted at chairmen, the opinions of commoners like myself do not matter. More »

On Monday, AMD launched its recording setting 12-core server processor under the Magny-Cours family. One day later, Intel tried to save face by announcing its Xeon 7500 8-core CPUs. Missing the extra 4-cores of the Opteron 6000, the X7500 series will cost manifold more. More »

From Ningin: via Wirebot: Wirebot Picture of The Day: Cutest Rikku Cosplay Ever Capcom Listens to Fans and Changes Super Street Fighter IV Box Art

via Ziggytek: Major Nelson: Xbox Live Director Account Hacked (Video) Google: Not Sharing Android Revenue with Carriers

via Ningin: Wonder Girls reveal their plans on the release of 1st American full album Exclusive Ningin Interview: Jessica Gomes, 2010 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model

via Flaunt Me: Only in Japan: Soy Milk Hot Springs

via GirlyBubble: Panda Dogs! via BlitzNation: Under the Radar: Pat Simonds

via Rekuru: Empty Building? How About An Aquarium

via OMGHaute: Chloe Sevigny’s Opening Ceremony buckle booties for less

via CrazySingleLife: Facebook Stalking: They found me… More »

After delaying its shipment, the JooJoo Tablet finally made its way to those who pre-ordered it; unfortunately for Fusion Garage, in the company’s ongoing legal dispute with plaintiff TechCrunch, documents referring to February 11th reveal that only 90 people submitted pre-orders, and 15 of them were canceled. More »

Shanzhai is reporting about an upcoming Apple iPad lookalike that is running Google’s Android smartphone operating system with an iPhone OS knock-off graphics interface. The device’s price is purportedly in the $150 range, which would make it quite a bargain since most Android tablets are going to cost well above that. More »

Let us play a game: every Tuesday, we scour allover for the strangest looking gadgets, and then you guess wildly what they are. I would hate to be the guinea pig who swallows this pill, but possibly it is a mini microphone, MP3 player, flashlight, or yet another clever USB flash drive? More »

Bang & Olufsen is synonymous with style over substance. The company’s designs are generally stylish, moreso than industrial looking products from much cheaper consumer electronics manufacturers, but people are paying a huge premium just for the brand and aesthetics. The 46-inch BeoVision 10-46 HDTV is going to be unveiled on April 14th in Copenhagen. Set aside close to 5-figures for its asking price. More »

The only thing funnier than the Xbox Live director of programmer’s account getting hacked is the profanity laden YouTube video of the hacker who did the deed. Major Nelson (Larry Hryb in real life) is a cheapskate too! He has only 70 Microsoft points! More »

From Ningin: via Wirebot: Pokemon Heart Gold: Final thoughts Review Roundup: Resonance of Fate. Is the JRPG Worth it?

via Ziggytek: HTC HD2 Hacked: Running Windows Phone 7 ROM (Videos) Nintendo DSi XL: Disassembled

via Ningin: Chinese Farmer With The World’s Largest Set of Man Boobs Japan’s Mao Asada captures World Skating title

via Flaunt Me: Devirginizing my black Asian hair

via GirlyBubble: Cute robotic bunnies, just in time for Easter

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via SwanDiary: Official HBO True Blood Season 3 promo trailers released More »

Today, AMD struck back at Intel and presented the world’s only 12-core x86 CPU as part of the Magny-Cours platform. These server-grade processors are designed for extremely demanding servers and eclipse Intel’s Xeon for performance. The top-end 12-core 6176 SE carries a price tag of $1,386. More »

Since 2007, Apple has refreshed the iPhone in June-July. The Wall Street Journal suggests that Apple has two new models coming, one at the same time frame this summer, and that a fall version is for CDMA carrier Verizon. More »

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