According to an AAPL estimate, Apple may have served over 120,000 iPad customers during its first day of pre-orders. The caveat here is that AAPL’s numbers have been derived from only a small sample of orders.

From a survey of 99 purchases, 68 of them were the Wi-Fi model, with only 31 choosing the pricier 3G. The capacities were evenly split at roughly 33% each. Most individuals pre-ordered only one iPad, although Apple allows up to 2 per customer.

Even if these figures are accurate, there has been so much hype surrounding the iPad that its staying power could be limited, just like most big action movies that have 9-digit dollar opening weekends but then fizzle away thereafter. On the other hand, many people were disappointed with the iPad’s announcement, so a good portion of them may be waiting for a second generation model.

If the 120,000 estimate is correct, the iPad has just become the most successful tablet/e-reader launch in history.

Source: Electronista

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WOW! i would pre-order one but mann.. its expensive as heck XD

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