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Blackberry’s new Pearl is the 9100, and new photo leaks show that the pearl has been displaced by the Curve and Bold’s trackball for navigation. More »

Luxury cell phones are practical jewelry that the affluent can carry about with them wherever they venture. The Porche Design P’9522 is for Porsche drivers who want to advertise their wheels. Stuart Hughes’ outlandish multi-million dollar iPhone is for the clinically insane. The ¥20,000,000 VERTU Signature Glorious Collection comes in four styles: Daigo, Nishiki Akira, Kikusui, and Southern. More »

NVIDIA’s Fermi GTX 480 and 470 graphics powerhouses are shipping now. At $3232, iBuyPower delivers a sizzling gaming PC complete with a 1.5Gb GTX 480, Intel i7 980X (6 cores), Blu-Ray writer, CoolerMaster V8 cooling, 6Gb DDR3-1800 Triple Memory, etc.. More »

From Ningin: via Wirebot: Bloons SuperMonkey Impression A New King of Kong Crowned

via Ziggytek: First 3D TV Broadcast of NHL Hockey Game Dell, GoDaddy to Follow Google Chinese Exodus?

via Ningin: Son Dam Bi or Rain: Who rocks eyelashes better? 2NE1 Official Blackjack Team T-shirt [Giveaways]

via Flaunt Me: 5 steps to prevent allergic reactions from beauty products

via GirlyBubble: Ultimate Cage Fighter wears Hello Kitty like a man

via BlitzNation: Under the Radar: Dorian Brooks

via Rekuru: Tooth Paste Gadget

via CrazySingleLife: Interesting facts and stats on online dating

via OMGHaute: Karl Lagerfeld Sighting in NYC! More »

Not many gamers can rationalize forking over $499 for the GTX 480 or $349 for the GTX 470, so the rest of us can look forward to NVIDIA’s low and mid-range Fermi graphics cards that are rumored to be arriving in a few months. More »

Very publicly, Steve Jobs and Eric Schmidt were amateurishly photographed having java at Calafia, whose proprietor is an ex-Google chef. All of the reported animosity between the Apple chief and the Google CEO are apparently overblown… More »

From Rekuru: If there is one thing I hate, it’s trying to get the last drop of toothpaste out of the tube. Especially in winter. Well as for most things in life the Japanese have found a small, colorful, and ultimately cute solution to the problem of tube toothpaste. More »

$200 seems like quite a sum to pay for 32Gb of storage, but when it comes in a package no larger than an average size tooth, the price can be justifiable. Until the weekend, SanDisk is offering a free Blackberry Curve carrying case with the purchase of its new 32Gb microSDHC card. More »

At a lofty NZD $710.22 ($500 USD), the limited edition (200 pieces) recreation of Obesandjo’s prized weapon in the science-fiction movie District 9 can be pre-ordered now. Despite the high price, this alien weapon cannot be fired by anyone without prawn DNA. More »

Geohot (George Hotz), the eminent iPhone jailbreaker and recent Sony PS3 hacker, has achieved a jailbreak method that untethers all tethered iPhone models. He thinks that the hack will work for the iPad too. More »

2010 marks the year that technology goes 3D, but why stop at high-tech gear like TVs and cameras? A team at Vancouver UBC’s engineering lab has invented a cube with 3D images that respond to physical movements. More »

For everyone who is intimidated by public speaking, David Cohen has an invention for you. More »

From Ningin: via Wirebot: Gaming Oracle: Game of the Year 2010 will be God of War III 5 Things Final Fantasy XIII Got Right

via Ziggytek: Dr. Phil Helps Police Arrest and Prosecute eBay Thieves Best Buy: 3D Geek Squad Scam

via Ningin: MLG - DBSK Decathlon [giveaways] Random News of the Day: Chinese teen stabbed in the head because of high score in a video game

via Flaunt Me: Michelle Bombshell McGee: Proof That Face Tattoos Don’t Age Well

via GirlyBubble: Lady Gaga receives a new cute teacup for her birthday

via BlitzNation: Under the Radar: Donald Jones

via Rekuru: Akihabara Retro Mac Computing

via SwanDiary: The new True Blood Season 3 promo poster does not help my caffeine addiction

via OMGHaute: Cheaper Clothing Prices = More Clothes! More »

From Rekuru: Are you a Macintosh lover? Have you been one long enough to collect several generations of Macs that now sit in your closet collecting dust? Well so have the Japanese, only they’ve taken it one step further. You only need to journey to Akihabara to see the Macintosh store that time forgot. More »

The mother of all online video rental services, Netflix, has begun shipping discs for its Nintendo Wii video streaming subscription. For $8.99 a month, Wii subscribers can partake in all that they can watch online but only in standard definition since Nintendo’s console is not 720p. More »

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