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Google’s Chinese research and advertising staff will remain in operation, but all searches from have been forwarded to, the Hong Kong site that Chinese officials cannot censor. More »

From Ningin: via Wirebot: The PokeWalker: An Ingenious Device Pokemon Trainer Journal: Building friendships and my first gym battle

via Ziggytek: Photo of the Day: MacBook Pro, Arrandale Two Months Late Sprint 4G on Apple iPhone Commercial (Video)

via Ningin: Tuc’s Take: Where’s the talent? Debuting girl group SISTAR copies 2NE1?

via Rekuru: Old Photos of Japan

via Flaunt Me: Mood Makeup

via GirlyBubble: 21 baby pictures of cute boy celebs

via BlitzNation: Under the Radar: Tony Washington

via CrazySingleLife: Don’t drink and date More »

Another Monday and another lawsuit, this time it is an all encompassing one, as MicroUnity sues 22 companies for mobile microprocessor copyright infringement. Apple will have to band with Google and HTC to fight this. More »

Disclaimer: no one was seriously or critically wounded in the making of these 100% real Nintendo Wii accident videos. However, various glass objects were fatally destroyed. More »

Coloware is a premier online place for getting custom paint jobs on laptops, Macs, phones, and gaming machines. For those who agree with me about the Nexus One’s tame and uninspired color scheme, spend an extra $175 for this metallic “Midnight Blue” and “Abyss Blue” two-tone design or any color combination of your imagining. A new and unlocked custom Nexus One is also available for $800. More »

Being the “world’s most expensive” can be an honorable title, but earning that label for a computer mouse lands your product in the stupidly rich category. At £16,200, the Pat Says Now diamond mouse’s ridiculous name is surpassed in idiocy only by its absurd price tag. More »

Everyone knows that Arrandale chips are on the verge of appearing inside MacBook Pro models but when? Most mid-range notebooks from other manufacturers have had Core i3, i5, and i7 CPUs for over a month, and some now even have quad-core i7s. Intel is in short supply of these mobile processors, as apparently, Acer and other important clients have appropriated most of them. Surely, Apple is an “important” Intel patron, right? More »

Marvell has been proponents of ultra low-cost mobile CPUs for a long time. Currently, ARM (Samsung) has a stranglehold on the smartphone chip market, powering most Android phones, the iPhone, and upcoming tablets. Marvell recently showed off its $99 reference tablet design that could pave the way for extremely affordable copycats. More »

From Ningin: via Wirebot: 5 Little Things God of War Wouldn’t Feel Right Without Final Fantasy is Just a Soap Opera - Part 2

via Ziggytek: Which Cell Phones Are Killing You the Quickest? Wicked Mods: VW Shag Wagon Computer Case

via Ningin: MLG: KPOP Battles - Band Selections Big Bang Tae Yang’s Wedding Dress cover…in English

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via Flaunt Me: Mood Makeup

via GirlyBubble: Spring is here and I know it because of these new Hello Kitty key caps

via BlitzNation: OL Andrews Released; Bengals Interested?

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James Cameron loves the environment and abhors global warming. For years, he, along with many Hollywood VIPs, and Al Gore have been leading the crusade against pollution and carbon emissions. Avatar, Cameron’s $2.6 billion goldmine is being released on Earth Day because, well, the film is so environmentally friendly since the good guys in the movie tell us as much. The DVD and Blu-Ray versions of Avatar that are due out April 22nd will be unadorned releases, with no extras and no 3D. Cameron wants people to buy the 2D edition now, so that he can get all of them to buy the 3D special cut in November (or December) as well. The great news is that Avatar is magical and its millions of discs and plastic wrappers will contribute no pollution to the environment whatsoever. More »

Old Time Computer’s eBay auction features an elaborately Steampunk fashioned LCD monitor, wireless keyboard, wireless mouse, and mouse pad. More »

Some iPad buyers have mobile plans for their imminently available Apple tablet. Protect your pricey new gadget with a luxurious, hand-stitched, genuine crocodile leather case from Orbino for $689 or a basic cow hide version for $209. More »

From Ningin: via Wirebot: Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning or Vanille? Trainer Journal: The First Day [Pokemon Heart Gold]

via Ziggytek: Photo of the Day: All Palms Onboard Our Sinking Ship Nintendo Proposes DS to Schools

via Ningin: Final Fantasy XIII [Giveaways] SNSD’s newly repackaged Vol. 2 - Run Devil Run album

via Rekuru: Snoopy Stamps

via Flaunt Me: Fall Bohemian Beauty - Beauty Tutorial

via GirlyBubble: XT Patisserie’s macaron Eiffel tower at Paris in a Cup

via BlitzNation: Under the Radar: Clay Harbor

via OMGHaute: Wish List: Ann Taylor Silk Luxuriant Jacket More »

With Sprint’s new 4G network, mobile surfers can finally access the net at fast speeds. The Overdrive 3G/4G wireless hotspot is a Sprint device that enables up to 5 wireless computers, phones, e-readers, etc. to access 4G rates. Sprint’s commercial features the 3G limited AT&T Apple iPhoneMore »

In audiophile circles, arguably no name is more respected almost unanimously than Nelson Pass, who has been designing power amplifiers, pre-amplifiers, and phono-stages for decades. His work is simple, yet creative. Unlike most businessmen, he actually encourages and actively helps DIY communities to build copies of his commercial projects (once they are discontinued, of course). New for 2010 is the X260.5 mono-block. More »

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