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I have always suspected that Facebook and Twitter had far grander plans than just being silly social networking tools for teenagers and web-geeks, but who knew that the sites are just fronts for the police? Not just any police either, the Federal Bureau of Investigation. More »

Eurocom specializes in high performance (and hideous) desktop replacement laptops. The D900F Panther is an absolute titan, boasting a desktop Intel i7-980x (3.33GHz) 6-core CPU, 1GB GDDR3 GTX 280M gaming card, 12 gigs of RAM, and dual 512Gb Sold-State hard drives. My configuration is one of the most expensive that Eurocom sells. More »

Portable gaming console mods are not new, but the X-top Xbox 360 project is particularly noteworthy because it is hot news at the moment and is up for auction on eBay, though it is not technically a real “portable.” More »

Competition in motion control gaming is waxing hot with Microsoft’s Natal and Sony’s Playstation Move about to vie against Nintendo’s Wii. The Playstation Move ad is shot in the same fashion as other recent PS3 commercials, teeming with attempts at humor and sarcasm. Whether it is funny or not is for you to decide. More »

Brando’s apple is an air purifier that generates negative ions “to decompose or exterminate” contaminants like particulates, dust, bacteria, gas, smoke, “volatile organic compound,” and other unwanted pollutants within a 5³ meter radius. More »

Porsche Design is a brand that has been producing (mostly re-branding other products) wristwatches (from IWC), pens, and other luxury commodity for sometime: behold, the Singapore exclusive P’9522 phone priced at S$2,280 or $1600 USD. More »

People spend thousands to protect their vehicles, homes, and other possessions, but what about your wallet, where you carry your cash and valuable credit cards? The iWallet is a compact and secure fiber glass (carbon fiber and kevlar optional) hard-case with integrated biometric fingerprint scanner and Bluetooth link to your cell phone. More »

From Ningin: via Wirebot: Final Fantasy XIII: No Grinding Allowed Wirebot Picture of the Day: Final Fantasy Will Never Stop

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via Rekuru: Wolverine Enjoys Asahi Super Dry Beer

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via SwanDiary: Jonathon Sharkey: Vampire running for president More »

Coinciding with Earth Day, the North American release of Avatar is Thursday, April 22nd. A number of other countries will have their copies by the 21st. Unfortunately, there will not be any bonus material on the Blu-Ray or DVD discs. More »

Microsoft’s Mix10 conference confirms many crucial things about the company’s agenda: it is turning into Apple but is late to the game. Droves of smartphone zealots are excited about Windows Phone 7’s prospects, yet much of what Microsoft is doing already exists, and worst of all, quite a few of the complaints about Apple’s iPhone will not be addressed by WP7. More »

One of the sexiest modifications done to feminine beachwear, Andrew Schneider’s Solar Bikini integrates solar panels onto a bikini that acts as a power reserve for USB devices, especially the iPod. More »

Let us play a game: every Tuesday, we scour allover for the strangest looking gadgets, and then you guess wildly what they are. Inedible but helpful for daily usage, this plastic apple is a friendly gadget for your desktop. More »

From Ningin: via Wirebot: Nintendo Sponsors Muesum Event To Ask the Question “What Are Games Really Teaching Us?” Wii Finally Gets Its RTS! Sort of…

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via SwanDiary: Separated at Birth: Taylor Lautner and this Nondescript Animal More »

From Crazysinglelife: Ever look at who you’re dating and wonder if it’s possible for you to do better? answers that question for you. CanDoBetter is a dating site with a twist — it’s a social networking site that allows users to upload pictures of potential dates. Other users can vote three ways 1) He can do better. 2) She can do better. 3) Perfect match. More »

Another year in technology guarantees several things: new gadgets and new lawsuits. Recently, Nokia sued Apple; i4i Ltd won its lawsuit against Microsoft; Apple sued HTC, and now, Dell is suing a group of well known Asian LCD monitor manufacturers for alleged price-fixing. HannStar, Hitachi, Sharp, Toshiba, and Seiko Epson have been named in the case. Most copyright lawsuits are, in my view, the result of extremely broad and vague copyright patents, but Dell’s lawsuit is entirely different and, if true, surely justified. More »

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