In response to allegations from Apple pundit John Gruber that he, Jesus Diaz (Gizmodo editor), had orchestrated the iPhone 4G/HD prototype purchase between fellow Gizmodo colleague Jason Chen and seller Brian J Hogan and had fled the country to the haven of native land Spain, Diaz Tweats, “I wish I was in Spain now. Sadly: hey, @gruber you are a liar #losers #fail #assclowns.” Have you noticed that Gizmodo, which never fails to cover the most mundane Apple story, has neglected even to mention the leaked affidavit?

Diaz’s defensive and callow Tweat is just one instance of many Gizmodo displays of crassness. Gizmodo had no reservations about quoting Gruber to verify that the prototype that Chen had was real.

Read between the lines of Gizmodo extortioner, I mean, chief Brian Lam’s horribly composed (perhaps Lam typed it quickly on an iPhone) and offensive e-mail to Steve Jobs, who had called the blog to request the iPhone back:

From: brian lam
Date: April 19, 2010 4:08:07 PM PDT
To: Steve Jobs
Subject: Let’s see if this goes through

Hey Steve, this email chain is off the record on my side.

I understand the position you’re in, and I want to help, but it conflicts with my own responsibilities to give the phone back without any confirmation that its real, from apple, officially.

Something like that — from you or apple legal — is a big story, that would make up for giving the phone back right away. If the phone disappears without a story to explain why it went away, and the proof it went to apple, it hurts our business. And our reputation. People will say this is a coordinated leak, etc.

I get that it would hurt sales to say this is the next iphone. I have no interest in hurting sales. That does nothing to help Gizmodo or me.

Maybe Apple can say it’s a lost phone, but not one that you’ve confirmed for production - that it is merely a test unit of sorts. Otherwise it just falls to apple legal, which serves the same purpose of confirmation. I don’t want that, either.

Gizmodo lives and dies like many small companies do. We don’t have access, or when we do, we get it taken away. When we get a chance to break a story, we have to go with it, or we perish. I know you like walt and pogue, and like working with them, but I think Gizmodo has more in common with old Apple than those guys do. So I hope you understand where I’m coming from.

Right now, we have nothing to lose. The thing is, Apple PR has been cold to us lately. It affected my ability to do my job right at iPad launch. So we had to go outside and find our stories like this one, very aggressively.

I want to get this phone back to you ASAP. And I want to not hurt your sales when the products themselves deserve love. But I have to get this story of the missing prototype out, and how it was returned to apple, with some acknowledgement it is Apple’s.

And I want to work closer with Apple, too. I’m not asking for more access-we can do our jobs with or without it-but again, this is the only way we can survive while being cut out of things. That’s my position on things.

Interestingly, Lam confesses that the prototype leak would “hurt sales” foe Apple. There is no wonder that Gizmodo editors are, um, rowdy folks. After all, their employer, when asked about the iPhone prototype leak, Nick Denton (owner of Gawker Media, parent company of Gizmodo) is quoted as saying,

Village Voice…asked Denton whether the scruples of any other publication, such as The New York Times, would have stopped it from running the same story. “Is there a bigger scoop in technology journalism?” Denton responded. “Any decent journalist ought to be willing to sell their mother for a story like this.” When pressed about whether he’d sell his own mom, he then added, “My mother’s dead.”

Finally, Valleywag contributing editor Ryan Tate (another Denton hiring) exposes what a classless sleaze he is in his chat with Steve Jobs about porn on the iPhone. Jobs is firm but maintains professionalism in an off-the-record tete-a-tete , whereas Tate comes across as –I will allow Gawker reader “LeeMarvinsPants” to reply perceptively, “I hate Steve Jobs, but I have to say, in this exchange, he pwned you. Were you drunk? I just can’t figure out why you thought it would be a good idea to post the embarrassing exchange here. And, again, I really think Steve is a tool.”

“JordanGold” replies, “I personally think Steve Jobs just made you look like an idiot without once raising his voice through caps or using expletives.”

“Toby1″ writes, “You got shown up. Jobs sounds clear as a bell about what he is trying to do and why. He is right about porn. He is probably right on all counts but I don’t enough about the subjects. You, on the other hand, sound like petulant child. ‘ I don’t care I am angry I hate this ‘ etc. And you are factually wrong at least 3 times.”

Stay classy, Gawker, stay classy. Fight for pornography, champion stealing trade secrets, and be puerile when doing it too.

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