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From Htcyou: Boy Genius Report got tipped some uplifting news today. According to an alleged Rogers flyer, the higher-end Acer Liquid E is about to be sold in Canada for a measly $425 unlock or $49.99 with a 3-year contract. More »

Face it: nearly all cell phones, even beefy smartphones, incorporate sub-par cameras as bonuses and nothing more. What is merely an afterthought on phones is the central selling point of Altek’s Leo smartphone, whose 14-megapixel camera, with LED and Xenon flash, can zoom optically 3-times and shoot 720p full-motion video too. More »

From Htcyou: Acer’s most powerful model to date, the Liquid Stream is an Android 2.1 smartphone with a 3.7″ AMOLED display, 1Ghz Snapdragon CPU, and 2Gb of onboard storage. More »

Acer, the world’s second largest PC maker, is joining every other computer manufacturer in the market that the iPad has created. Acer’s slate is 7 inches, has a capacitive screen, and will run Google Android (sound choice). More »

From Wirebot:

We’ve seen some pretty interesting uses of the iPhone with an iPad. iPhones have been paired with iPads running Scrabble as letter racks and iCopter 2 used the iPhone to control an in game helicopter on an iPad, but the way SNES HD pair both devices takes the cake. By pairing your iPhone with your iPad you can play any emulated SNES game using the iPhone as the controller. More »

There is no other major electronics corporation on planet Earth with a lower environmentally friendly rating from Greenpeace than Japanese gaming legend Nintendo, whose nadir of 1.8 out of 10 contrasts with the Nokia’s zenith of 7.5. Nintendo has a lot of company though. More »

Using a modified Omnia HD, Samsung’s Windows Phone 7 prototype shows off its stuff with beat ‘em up fighting game Twin Blades. Android and iPhone, do not underestimate Microsoft’s WP7. More »

From Ningin: via Wirebot: Square-Enix Releases its First iPad Game, Chocobo Panic Ico & Shadow of the Colossus getting re-released in HD

via Ziggytek: MSI Slatebook: Windows 7 Tablet Launching Q3 Guess This Gadget Tuesday: Audio-Technica Bijoué Portable Speakers

via HTCYou: Telus Unleashing on June 8th: HTC Triumph?

via Ningin: Super Junior Decathlon: Award Ceremony Weekly Twitter Giveaway 5/25: MBLAQ ‘Y’ poster

via Rekuru: NECK trailer released

via BlitzNation: What Went Down at the NFL Owners Meetings?

via FlauntMe: Allure’s Reader’s Choice Award Winners

via GirlyBubble: Adorable Rilakkuma Netbook by Bandai Namco

via OMGHaute: Huge Sale at More »

Compatible with the iPod Nano, Classic, Touch & iPhone, the £79.99 ($115) Logic3 LCD ProDock is a luxury docking station that includes an RF remote with a built-in LCD. More »

While you recover from this shocking turn of events, allow the headline to sink in. The WeTab (formerly aka WePad) is going to ship three months later than previously promised. I feel for the folks who pre-ordered it, at one point making neofonie’s tablet Amazon’s top seller. More »

From Htcyou: The HTC PC70110 that went through the FCC with AT&T; bands might be the carrier’s exclusive HTC Android 2.1 smartphone called the Aria. More »

From Htcyou: Canada’s biggest CDMA carrier, Telus is reportedly getting the HTC Desire, which the company has relabeled the “Triumph.” Telus’ countdown timer to a major June 8th (which is, incidentally, one day after Steve Jobs‘ expected iPhone 4G/HD keynote) “Unleashing” could very well be for what would be the nation’s best domestic Android 2.1 smartphone. More »

A “trusted” EDGE “source” has tipped Microsoft’s Project Natal for an October 26th (give or take a few weeks) release with a price of $149 and $299 for an Xbox 360 Arcade bundle. More »

Portable speakers are a dime a dozen, and most of them are uninteresting and chintzy. Audio-Technica’s AT-SPF30, titled Bijoué (”jewelry”), is something else, something lovely and usable, but how good is it sonically? More »

From Girlybubble: If netbooks were not cute enough due to their small sizes, they have gotten even cuter in design thanks to Rilakkuma. Bandai Namco released a second generation of their Rilakkuma netbook. More »

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