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I expected Apple to refresh its polycarbonate 13″ MacBook when a Vietnamese blog fondled a sealed retail unit that was leaked in advance over the weekend. Still at $999, the laptop has slightly increased clock speeds (2.4GHz) and notably faster graphics (GeForce 320M), which are hampered by the slower shared memory. More »

Spreading the written word on as many devices as possible, Amazon is releasing a Kindle application for Google Android machines that run 1.6 Donut and above. More »

From Htcyou: The LG Ally for Verizon turned out not to be the “Aloha” after all, so let everyone move onto the next piece of gossip: just approved by the FCC, the LG LG-C710h might be the “Aloha,” aka LU2300 that many are lusting after, but it is not CDMA Verizon bound like previously speculated; instead, the LG-C710h filing has AT&T;GSM/WCDMA 3G bands 1900/850. More »

Is this a picture of Nintendo’s 3DS in test kit form? Initially, the board was thought to be a DS (that is why I ignored it), but now, rumors are rampant that it is actually a 3DS, which Nintendo has sent to the FCC for approval of the Wi-Fi module. More »

Speaking of hard drives, Seagate, one of the biggest HD manufacturers, is going to announce the first 3 terabyte version later this year. Due to the limitations of the LBA (logical block addressing) standard, anything larger than 2.1Tb is problematic. To circumvent the problem, Seagate is using Long LBA, which older operating systems like Windows XP do not support. More »

From Ningin: via Wirebot: Choose the Next Band Featured in Rock Band PopCap Offers full 13 Game Library for $50 in Ultimate Time Wasting Bundle

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via FlauntMe:

via OMGHaute: Blake Lively on the Cover of Vogue More »

From Htcyou: One more win for GSM T-Mobile? The company may have scored the high-end Samsung Galaxy S, which is most the powerful Android smartphone in the world. With its 1GHz ARM Cortex-A8 processor and PowerVR SGX540 graphics, the Galaxy S can do serious 3D on its Super-AMOLED (800×480) display. More »

When MCV wrote that Sony was planning to showcase the PSP2 at E3, VG247 decided to delve deeper into the rumors and has concluded that with 99% certainty, the Playstation Portable sequel will not be shown at E3. However, “sources” have spilled the details about the system, and it looks insane. More »

Beginning June, shortly after or at WWDC on the 7th, Apple is reportedly going to ship 24 million iPhone 4G/HD units before the end of the year. Foxconn is supposed to be the manufacturer that is building the new iPhone with IPS panels at 960×640 resolution. The LG and Prime View International displays are said to include FFS (fringe-field switching) for easier readability under sunlight. More »

May is going to be so memorable for Ziggytek that we’re giving away one Western Digital My Book Studio 2TB external hard drive. You’ll need that much space, that’s how memorable May will be for us. Entering to win is simple: More »

In response to allegations from Apple pundit John Gruber that he, Jesus Diaz (Gizmodo editor), had orchestrated the iPhone 4G/HD prototype purchase between fellow Gizmodo colleague Jason Chen and seller Brian J Hogan and had fled the country to the haven of native land Spain, Diaz Tweats, “I wish I was in Spain now. Sadly: hey, @gruber you are a liar #losers #fail #assclowns.” Have you noticed that Gizmodo, which never fails to cover the most mundane Apple story, has neglected even to mention the leaked affidavit? More »

Two Swedish online gaming stores have Microsoft’s motion controller Natal for 1,499 KR, which is the equivalent of about $192. These numbers are several times higher than anticipated. More »

From Htcyou: Sprint’s first HTC Evo 4G giveaway included paid vacations, but its was open only to Premiere customers. This new Facebook contest makes any American adult eligible to win one of ten Evo 4G super-smartphones. More »

Stuart Hughes’ £129,995 solid Gold iPad SUPREME Edition has been floating around for a few days, but I was hesitant to cover it because of Computer-Choppers‘ believable claims that Hughes’ eye-popping MacBook Air fabrications are fake. More »

From Ningin: via Wirebot: The Science of Imagination: Creating Characters Playstation Move’s TV Superstars Demoed in Newest Sony Developer Diary

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