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MIMOBOT, the popular line of USB flash drives, is celebrating its fifth anniversary with the introduction of new designs, exclusive ‘bots, and the reissue of original MIMOBOT characters. Since the company began, Mimoco has grown to offer hundreds of MIMOBOT designs and characters, and has collaborated with some of our favorite franchises such as Star Wars and Hello Kitty. More »

-If you’re a fan of SS501, then this week’s Twitter Giveaway should definitely be your next destination! (Yes, the prize is a SS501 Destination poster!)

-Want a Stuart Hughes Diamond iPhone 4 for $19500?

-Interested in a Sprint HTC Evo 4G? Take advantage of the mail-in rebate that can save you $50!

-Hulu is coming to the PS3 and the Xbox 360…for $9.99 a month?

-Although Cincinnati BengalsCedric Benson may have improved once, he seems to be going spiraling back in the opposite direction with his fight in Houston’s Annie’s West Bar.

-Make a cake in only five minutes using your microwave and baker Diane from 2Stews‘ recipe!

-Don’t miss out on a $3 discount for Neutrogena’s SkinClearing Mineral Powder!

-Samantha Tumpach is suing the Illinois theater after being arrested and accused of trying to bootleg New Moon.

-If you’re a single guy, you might want to check out 5 things women don’t like about you. (This probably applies towards all guys in general, so all of you go read it now!)

-Are these Jeffrey Campbell Mary Roks Booties hot or not? More »

Stampy offers a new way to play and look at photographs, it’s the digital camera that will allow you to actually stamp out the image, and then share it that way. And yes, the stamp uses traditional ink to transfer the image onto paper. More »

Check out these 80’s inspired headphones, another product that speaks to those who love making their electronics a part of their fashion statement.

While these may have a retro look to them, the technology is anything but oldschool. More »

From Htcyou: Bearing the same name as the T-Mobile version, Bell’s Vibrant is Canada’s crack at the Samsung Galaxy S, which, at this rate, will reach every carrier in the world, though Bell seems to be saying that the phone is and exclusive. More »

Barely having time to settle itself into Verizon’s strong roster, the Microsoft KIN, which was supposed to smarten up cell phones (but instead dumbed down smartphones), has been canceled, although current stock will (probably) be liquidated. European launch of the KIN has obviously been canned. More »

Motorola’s Droid X is stirring quite a ruckus among smartphone connoisseurs and is bound to be a big seller for Verizon. The full-page New York Times advertisement that Verizon took to promote the upcoming phone is informative and derisive, as it makes fun of the iPhone 4’s ongoing antenna reception problems. More »

Stuart Hughes is back again to offer a non-existent £12,995 white iPhone 4G with diamonds. I wonder how long it would take for Hughes to deliver the unavailable white 32Gb iPhone if someone put down £12,995 today. More »

Unlike Sony, whose console does not hinge of the reception of its motion controller Playstation Move, Microsoft’s Xbox 360 future seems to be tied firmly to Kinect, whose specs, now revealed, are wimpy. More »

From Htcyou: At Samsung’s Galaxy event, where all Galaxy S models for the four main American carriers were unveiled, Verizon’s version got photographed for the first time. As expected, Samsung also announced that all Galaxy S makes will be upgraded to FroYo, although no time frame was given. More »

A category of computers popularized by Apple’s Mac Mini, small desktop PCs are starting to gain mainstream acceptance thanks to low voltage processors that make them possible. eMachine’s Mini-e departs from the mold and uses an AMD Neo (1.7GHz) CPU instead of conventional Intel Atom processors found in the same class of computers. More »

- Firmware 3.04 is now available for downloading on your PS3, featuring a whole slew of awesome updates!

-Wondering if you should get an Apple iPhone 4? This review will definitely help you out!

-Which girl group reigned supreme in the SNSD vs T-ara KPOP Battle? Results are here!

-The Android 2.1 Update has been

What is the point of a lookalike if the details are all wrong? The Air Phone does imitation correctly. The custom operating system has the proper icons and everything! More »

From Htcyou: If waiting until July for the real Android 2.2 update is intolerable for you, then try a hacked build of FroYo for the Motorola Droid. Hey, the Nexus One has the finalized FRF85B build, so why should the highest resolution Android phone in the land be missing out on the fun? More »

Thought to have been brewing for sometime, Hulu has finally unveiled a paid subscription service. “Hulu Plus” charges Americans $10 monthly for access to full seasons of television shows from ABC, FOX, and NBC on your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Xbox 360, PS3, and select Samsung/Sony HDTVs and Blu-ray players. More »

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