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Stop me if you have heard this before: Bloomberg claims to have insider information that puts Apple’s iPhone 4 on Verizon’s CDMA network in January 2011. More »

Let us play a game: regularly, we scour allover for the strangest looking gadgets, and then you guess wildly what they are. It looks sleek and will be at home in futuristic houses. More »

Just barely did the iPhone 4 manage to win our title as “Gadget of the Week.” It was a close decision between it and…the particle transporter on Star Trek! Here is a biased and easy to read review from someone who, like Billy Gates, has admired the iPhone from afar but has never really been lured to buy one for personal use. More »

Sprint customers and Europeans who have unlocked versions of the HTC Hero have been granted an over-the-air Android Eclair update. HTC is not leaving other Hero owners high and dry either because an official ROM upgrade can be downloaded directly from its servers. More »

Steve Jobs might disapprove greatly, but FaceTime on the iPhone 4 could enable a new mini-industry to surface: sex chat! More »

From Htcyou: A new rumor from a “trustworthy source” puts the Motorola Droid 2 for Verizon’s launch on August 23rd. Should the Droid 2 be released in late August, it will almost surely have Android 2.2 FroYo. The Droid X is landing on July 15th with Eclair. More »

-If you’re having reception problems with your spiffy new Apple iPhone 4, you might want to blame Gray Powell.

-Are you a Hottest or a Cassie? Sign up for the upcoming 2PM vs. DBSK KPOP Battle to bring glory to your favorite boyband!

-If you never thought that Mahjong could be cute, check out these Hello Kitty Mahjong Sets and think again.

-Would you be willing to pay $2,000 to play Square-Enix’s Final Fantasy XIV in 3D?

-Samsung’s Galaxy S will “FascinateVerizon (and the US Cellular).

-100% all natural and vegan? Although made by Crazy Rumors, these gourmet flavored lip balms are certainly not rumors! More »

ThinkGeek was the originator of the iPad arcade cabinet idea, but others are using a similar concept for real. Arcade cabinet maker Freekade (UK) is apparently planning to release a model for the iPad. More »

Both the iPhone 3G and 3GS hit about a million in their respective 3-day launches, so the iPhone 4’s 1.7 million positively eclipses them. Simultaneously released in five countries, on three continents, the iPhone 4 is Cupertino’s premiere computer maker’s biggest cash cow. More »

I don’t think I’ve seen any other phone with more cases made for it, and choosing a case is definitely important, since it’s the part you see the most. These beautiful wooden cases will no doubt keep your phone safe, but also make them stand out from the crowd. More »

The parts of Apple’s 16Gb iPhone 4 have been analyzed by iSuppli and have been found to total $187.51. Two of the most expensive components on the phone are the $28.50 “Retina Display” manufactured by LG and the $10.75 A4 processor made by Samsung. More »

From Htcyou: In addition to AT&T; and T-Mobile, Samsung’s Galaxy S is headed for US Cellular and Verizon too, under the moniker “Fascinate.” By the end of summer, all four major US carriers will have the Galaxy S. This is how it is supposed to be done, iPhone! More »

From Htcyou: Originally leaked as the Galaxy Pro S, the Samsung Epic 4G has been officially announced by Sprint. With a QWERTY keypad, the Epic is a logical alternative to the hot HTC Evo 4G. More »

ceoSteveJobs,” a “parody” of Steve Jobs on Twitter, Tweeted that the iPhone 4 might have to be recalled due to the device’s antenna problems. Writer Richard Ashmore for the Daily Mail (UK) did not do proper research (despite spending enough time to write a somewhat lengthy article) and took the fake Twitter personality for the real Jobs and published the article entitled “Apple boss Steve Jobs reveals iPhone 4 may be recalled.” More »

Worries about a Canadian delay of the iPhone 4 launch can be put to rest because Apple’s chairman has officially and succinctly replied, “Nope” to an inquiry about the phone’s potential supply issues for its release up north. More »

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