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Eager beavers allover France, the UK, Germany, America, and Japan (pictured) are cuing up either to pick up their pre-ordered iPhone 4 or to try to buy one without having made reservations. Although the iPhone 4 is already huge in the States, a majority of its sales are going to be international, where most GSM/HSPA carriers sell the unit. More »

From Htcyou: Verizon says that the Motorola Droid is receiving Android 2.2 FroYo in July, presumably before the upcoming Droid X, which is shipping with Eclair on July 15th. More »

-Japanese beatboxer, Hikakin, really puts a new spin on on the Super Mario themes with his beatboxing!

-Nichkhun has proved, without a doubt, that he is the ultimate alpha male, judging from the results of the MLG Kpop Alpha Males Match.

-The early bird gets the worm! This will certainly be true on the day that the iPhone 4 is released, because Best Buy will only be getting an extremely limited supply.

-Edible glitter? The Curious Confectioner uses that tasty treat to create their Sparkly Unicorn and Pony Cakes!

-Buy Jean Paul Gaultier’s LE MALE fragrance and get a USB scent stick for free!

-The HTC Aria and Sony Xperia X10 has been rooted?

-Missed True Blood Season 3, Episode 2 or dying to talk about it? Read a short critique and summary of the episode, Beautifully Broken, here!

-If you’re interested in studying fashion, Teen Vogue’s Fashion University is the program for you! More »

You might recall that a repair group called IfixYouri posted pictures of a cracked screen on a iPhone 4 prototype that was dropped more than three times. Today, the clan has uploaded a video of the torture test on a retail unit, and the outcome is hardly surprising. More »

Christmas had arrived in June for those who got their iPhone 4 in the mail yesterday or today, but once the exultation subsided, some recipients noticed a glaring imperfection with their Retina Displays: yellow spots or blotches! A number of posters on Apple’s forums has noticed the problem. More »

The iPhone Dev Team has done it again. Jailbreak method PwnageTool 4.0.1 now works for iOS 4 equipped iPhone 3GS models. The same goes for the 2G iPod Touch and iPhone 3G. More »

If you’re in the market for a USB hub with many ports, check out these awesome Robot hubs. These lego-looking robots are equipped with four high speed USB ports, which is a nice thing to have in such a compact size. There are a few different designs to choose from, and they all have LED lights in the eyes that show the power status.

These little robots are compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux and come in black, gray, light blue, pink, red, and yellow. If you’re interested in one you can find them here for $18.

Apple has run into manufacturing difficulties with the white front and rear panels of the iPhone 4, so a “second half” July release is to be expected. The impatient can always buy an aftermarket white front cover (likely made from plastic) from China. More »

From Htcyou: The Droid X stopped being top secret when Motorola decided to provide controlled leaks all over the place. Today, Verizon confirmed much of the specs and announced that on July 15th, the X will be released for $199.99 with a 2-year contract after a $100 mail-in rebate. More »

From Htcyou: As AT&T; customers angrily know, their carrier cripples their phones, and the HTC Aria is no exception. Well, eugene373 (unofficial HTC rooting guru) has applied the same HTC MyTouch 3G Slide hack on the Aria. Also, Sony’s once promising Xperia X10 has also been rooted, but instructions for the procedure are pending. More »

iFixit has swiftly taken apart the iPhone 4, and it has done so with a retail unit of the device, so there are no legal grounds for Apple to take action. More »

Already available for computers and the iPhone, Sonos‘ remote control feature is coming in August for the iPad. The iPad version takes full advantage of the tablet’s 1024×768 display, and the video promotion (see below) is slick. More »

- Are you a fan of strategy-based puzzle games? Regardless of whether or not you grab a few friends to play or go solo, you’ll definitely enjoy Blokus HD for the iPad.

- Finally! Adobe has finally given Flash 10.1 to its mobile platform partners. Users of the following operating systems can now rejoice: Android, BlackBerry, webOS, Windows Phone 7 Series, LiMo, MeeGo and Symbian.

- Looking for the best Android 2.1 ROM for the HTC Magic and HTC Dream? Look no further than OpenEclair 1.2.2!

-Flag football may now have to be considered a potentially dangerous physical sport. The reason? The Carolina Panthers‘ wide receiver, Steve Smith, apparently broke his arm during a flag football game.

- Need a musical blood transfusion? Enter for a chance to win f(x)’s NU ABO album!

- Have any embarrassing or awkward pictures of yourself as a teenager? Send them to Before You Were Hot!

- Build your very own Sanrio town in Hello Kitty Seasons, coming soon to your Wii! More »

From Htcyou: AT&T; got its Samsung Galaxy S variant called the Captivate, and Sprint is getting the slider version named the Galaxy S Pro, so what is poor little T-Mobile going to do without a high end Android? Samsung comes to the rescue with the Vibrant for T-Mobile. More »

If you are one of the many thousands who are hoping to line up outside of an AT&T store on June 24th to fetch an iPhone 4 without a pre-order, then turn away and head over to Best Buy, an Apple Store, or Radio Shack because AT&T has declared that no one will be able to buy an iPhone 4 or even order it until June 29th. More »

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