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5. Major Xbox 360 news –the Halo Reach bundle is $399, new slim console with 4Gb storage $199, and Kinect with console package for $299. More »

- CrossRoads game for the iPad is a lot of traffic directing, line drawing fun!

- The South Gate restaurant in New York City is one of the first to put its entire menu on the iPad!

- When it comes to Antenna Gate and Samsung, Samsung sure knows how to have a sense of humor in its new Samsung Galaxy S ads!

- International pop sensation Charice has finally returned to Korea’s Star King show — the show that started it all for her!

- What’s hotter than Chanel’s 2010 Fall Ready-to-Wear collection? Nothing. More »

Later this year, RIM will assault the market with its OS 6 equipped phones. Having watched the iPhone 4 and Android steal away customers, RIM will fight to keep its North American leading smartphone share. The BlackBerry Bold 9780 gives users a non touchscreen OS 6 option, while the low-end Curve 9300 is probably destined for OS 5 only. More »

No smartphone is free from Apple’s “death grip.” The hottest new piece of hardware on the market now, Motorola’s scrumptious Droid X has been added to Apple’s “antenna” web page. More »

Gresso, purveyor of luxury cell phones and the complicated $60,000 Grand Wind mechanical wristwatch, has tricked out the iPhone 4 with precious wood, metal and stone, yet the most intriguing aspect of the Black Diamond is the “titanium Black PVD coating” that has been applied to the steel antennae frame, making it harder than granite. More »

To compile a list of iPad imitators from China would take ages. Even e-tailer giant Amazon is getting into the racket by selling the Touch PC, a generic 7″ slate that runs off Android “1.7″? More »

New York City restaurant South Gate has put its menu of 650 plus wine bottles onto the iPad. It is a shame that the first generation model of Apple’s breakthrough tablet is without a smell-o-sensor. More »

Speaking of bling-bling, pro boxer Floyd Mayweather sure knows how to treat himself with a $50,000 diamond iPod. Yes, that’s right - a $50K iPod, hung on a cord and used as a necklace. If he won’t impress the ladies with this, then I’m out of ideas, but I wonder why he chose an iPod as the object to be encrusted instead of spending the $50K on the most expensive ring or car? More »

Luke Jerram along with a local jeweller Tamrakar, created a unique, one-of-a-kind wedding ring especially for Jerram and Shelina Nanji’s wedding. How unique you say? How about a wedding ring that can act as a projector to display your beautiful photographs as a lovely couple? More »

- Heads up Final Fantasy fans! All 18 classes of Final Fantasy XIV’s classes have been revealed!

- Say hello to the Antenn-Aid, a gadget that could possibly be the solution to the iPhone 4’s antenna problems!

- Speaking of antennas, HTCYou performs the Death Grip Antenna test on the HTC Magic.

- Even at 13, T-ara’s Jiyeon had high aspirations to become a celebrity.

- AKB48’s new album cover is looking a lot racier than usual!

- GirlyBubble reviews what could possibly be the cutest, kawaii-est YesStyle shirts, ever.

- Fight dry, wrinkly hands with FlauntMe’s 5 tips for softer hands.

- Can’t keep all the NFL signings straight? BlitzNation highlights all the key contract signings.

- Miss True Blood this week? Don’t worry. I recapped it for you.

- It’s Friday and therefore bad pick-up lines time! More »

The Indian Government announced that they will be selling a $35 Tablet PC to students this year, and they are planning to further reduce the cost to $20 and eventually to around $10. Sure, its not as sleek as say… an iPad, but hey it still has quite a few features packed into its little frame. More »

Last week, Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs held a press conference regarding iPhone 4’s antenna problems. Now for your amusement College Humor has created their own version of this conference. More »

From Htcyou: Plain white Android mini collectibles have become the newest rage as Dyzplastic recently announced that they have some of these cute, little creatures in house! If you happen to be down at the International Comic-Con in San Diego this weekend, then you’ll be able to get your Android collectible for just $6 and $7 for a Series 2 model. Looking at these reasonable prizes this is totally a must-have! No wonder the first series of these collectibles are already sold out (for now at least). More »

Were it not for Antenna Gate, the white iPhone 4’s persistent delays would be the big story surrounding Apple’s new phone. For those hoping to obtain a creamy white model by the end of July as previously promised by Apple, you will have to wait “until later this year.” More »

From Htcyou: Produced by Samsung, just like the phone, AT&T;’s Captivate commercial depicts a Hollywood action movie in the palm of one’s hand. Samsung highlights the Super AMOLED screen on the Captivate but does not mention the prized Hummingbird CPU. More »

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