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Recently Google has introduced us to a new feature to sign in with multiple accounts, so you don’t have to logout and login or use a different browser everytime you want to check a different Google account. I think this is much more convenient, as you only have to set your Google Account and edit the Multiple Sign-In option once. More »

Apple said that we would have to wait until later this year to get our hands on a white iPhone 4, but one lucky person from Hong Kong somehow got their hands on a white one that was smuggled in a black iPhone 4 box. Whether or not it’s legit… it’s up to you to decide. More »

Apple’s new 12-Core Mac Pro is now available for purchase online via the Apple store.The pricing for the machine with 12 cores starts at a whopping $4,999 but can go up much higher upon deciding if you would like to amp up the other specs. Below are the specs before any add-on’s: More »

From Htcyou: Today’s App of the Day is Shazam Encore, which is one of those apps that when you first try it, it blows your mind. Have you ever been in a situation where you heard a great song somewhere and was dying to buy or add it to your personal library back home, but unfortunately didn’t know its name? Shazam Encore’s your solution as it can actually recognize unknown music. Even humming is no match for Shazam! More »

From Htcyou: While we’ve given you some information about Motorola Droid 2’s specs some time ago, this phone has recently been spotted in Verizon inventory. Right now the warehouse has 6610 units available, but most likely this number will increase soon. Verizon hasn’t officially announced its release date yet, but we already know that this new phone with slide-out QWERTY keyboard is set to be launched this Thursday. More »

From Htcyou: Many rumors have been floating around the Motorola Droid 2 lately. A fews days ago, an internal document from Best Buy was leaked, revealing Droid 2’s launch this upcoming Thursday, to be exact - August the 12th. More »

From Htcyou:

Both Samsung and LG, famous handset manufacturers, have turned to an interesting source to perfect their phones. Both companies have hired design professors to help improve their devices’ user interfaces. Samsung has hired a certain Jung Ji-Hong as vice president of its Mobile Design Group. Mr. Ji-Hong’s resume includes being a visual design professor at Kookmin University, located in Seoul, Korea. Not to be outdone, LG has also hired Lee Kun-Pyo to be their executive vice president of Design Management Center. Similarly, Mr. Kun-Pyo was formerly the dean at the Department of Industrial Design at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science of Technology. More »

From Htcyou: Arguably AT&T;’s best Android phone to date, the Samsung Captivate is now available for only $49.99—with a two-year contract, that is. If you already have an individual contract but not a new AT&T; customer, you can get it for $99.99, which is still a lot better than the original price in AT&T; stores ($199.99, by the way). More »

Google continues to add more weapons to it’s belt. Just last week they acquired Slide, and they are now buying Jambool along with their Social Gold payment product. Social Gold is a virtual monetization platform that gives app developers an ability to incorporate payments directly into their apps and games which was founded by Amazon veterans Vikas Gupta and Reza Hussein. More »

Come and take a look at the new Sharpie liquid pencil. It writes like a pen, erases like a pencil, and dries like a sharpie. Talk about your new all-in-one space saving product! According to the Sharpie Blog the new liquid pencil will be in stores next month. The Sharpie Liquid Pencil contains an “ink” made from liquid graphite and lays it down in the same manner as a ballpoint pen. Once you have written something down, you have between 1-3 days to decide on if you want to erase it, thereafter it will remain permanent forever. More »

Today’s App of the Day, MiTube, lets you download YouTube videos easily through your Apple gadget. With only one touch on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch you can download Youtube videos straight to your handset with this free app. More »

All of a sudden, Hewlett-Packard CEO Mark Hurd has resigned and Cathie Lesjak has been appointed interim CEO. Any time there is such a sudden resignation, it usually has something to do with a scandal. As it turns out, this was due to some allegations of sexual harassment. The company’s investigation after the complaint found that Hurd had falsified some expense reports and other documents to conceal a relationship with a contractor, and additionally allegedly helped the woman get paid for work she didn’t do. More »

Apple’s newest and biggest Apple Store has recently opened up in Covent Garden, London and UK fans rejoiced and lined up for the grand opening at 10am for for a chance at those 4000 commemorative custom Apple T-shirts they were giving out, which ran out in just 4 hours! The Covent Garden Apple Store is the company’s 300th store and has 3 floors. More »

From Girlybubble:

Listening to music doesn’t get any sweeter with these super portable mini speakers by Monodo. The little speakers resemble bright candy lollipops and are really cute! They can be plugged into any 3.5 mini stereo plug and are rechargeable through USB. They offer up to 6 hours of music playing time per charge. More »

Holy cow! how can something so tiny and cute be so destructive?! After adding a few tweaks from his first miniaturized destructing machine, YouTube user 43287633 is back with another video demonstrating that a firearm is a firearm, no matter how tiny. Check out the video below to see it blowing things to pieces! More »

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