Ever wanted a car that changes when the sun goes down? Gadgets and Gear’s Glow in the Dark Car Paint allows you to have just that.

You’ll keep your original car color in the daytime (since the paint is invisible) but when the night comes out, watch the glow happen. The high quality car paint is suppose to provide you with a glow that lasts about 12-20 hours, definitely more than enough for you to enjoy for during your nightlife. But that’s not all since the actual glowing properties of just one coat of the paint can also last up to 10 years.

I can imagine that pranksters would be tempted to use this for jokes, but for any drivers that decide to cover their car in this - at least it’d be really easy to spot in a crowded parking lot (at night, of course).

You can get it here for $129.99. Anyone tempted?