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All Twitter users should know how annoying unwanted tweets are. Introducing DeClutter, a javascript bookmarklet that will filter out those irrelevant tweets based on certain keywords. More »

BlackPad was just not good enough a name for this tablet. Oh no, RIM, the developer of the popular BlackBerry had to take it a step further and name their BlackBerry tablet PlayBook. More »

We all know how big computer giant HP is, but have you ever wondered how many computers they sell every second? Well here is the answer: 2 computers every second. Totalling this up, this amounts to $4 million worth of computers being sold each hour. More »

200, 000 pre-orders have been made for the Apple iPhone 4 in China, which was released in China’s telecom operator Unicom stores on September 25h. More »

Here is a new gadget that will be making it’s way to Canadian markets. Great for going green and saving the earth, or just keeping your wallet a little fatter. HiSAVER is a power strip with a motion detector built in. When you’re out of the radius for more than ten minutes it will shut off saving both electricity and money. Sounds good, doesn’t it? More »

Love beanbags? Love lamps? if you answered yes to those two questions then I’m sure that you’re going to love the Sompex Beanbag Lamps. The base is a mini beanbag so you can prop it up in any angle you wish and will match your comfy beanbag chair to make your college dorm room all the more comfortable. I love it but at around $70 I find it a little bit pricey. More »

From Finalfantasy14players: Because I’m such a good guy to my younger cousin, I just bought a MSI N460GTX CYCLONE 1GD5/OC GeForce GTX 460 1GB VRAM video card for him. His computer, like most of my writers’, could not run Final Fantasy 14 properly. As I mentioned in my minimal specs analysis, the single biggest upgrade to your computer that will deliver the most bang for the buck is a new graphics card. It replaces his NVIDIA GeForce 9300 that’s integrated into his motherboard. The card hasn’t arrived yet so I can’t benchmark it, but the difference should be night and day for him. Why did I choose this card for him? More »

This backpack may look like any old backpack you could buy, but don’t let your eyes glaze over it, as it may be a device that keeps your children safe. The iSafe backpack has a security system built in it and is suitable for those aged 8 and above. More »

From Htcyou: If you’ve been wondering where Sharp have been in the e-book and tablet industry, here they are. At a press release in Tokyo, they announced the name of their new e-book service and two Android-powered devices which will be run on this e-book service. The name of both the service and the devices will be Galapagos. More »

We’ve all had those days where the household chores seem to take hours, but what if you could shorten those hours with a robot to clean your floor? The Mint Automatic Floor Cleaner is just the thing you are looking for. More »

Looks like there’s a mutual partnership between BMW and Apple or maybe not, Earlier BMW unveiled the BMW X3 that has a built-in iPad Dock and now here comes another one in the form of BMW’s Mini E Scooter. More »

When some people go exercising the usually take like their iPod or Mp3 player with them cause they like listening to music, right? Well it seems fine to me to do that but when you take something like the iPad and try to attach it to a bike well that just crosses the line into stupidity. More »

In celebration of the launch of Digital Reality’s UBrain app, we’re giving away one UBrain t-shirt. Read on for more details on how to win. More »

Don’t you just love objects that double up as another? Now you can stand your Apple iPad and charge it at the same time with a HyperMac Stand! Genius! More »

Imagine your favorite Star Wars droid sucking the lint off your rug. Hear that? That’s the collective want of techies around the world. Even if you’re not a hardcore sci-fi fanatic, you have to admit an R2-D2 vacuum would be muy awesome. Add some beeping noises and you’ll be the source of envy around your neighborhood. More »

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