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Mozilla’s annual “The State of Mozilla” report has just been released, and their numbers for 2009 are impressive indeed. Mozilla reported revenues of about $100 million, which was a more than 30% percent increase from 2008. Given the state of the economy, a revenue loss of about $100,000 is quite impressive indeed, and stems from long-term investments as well. So where does the money come from? Firefox, and their large search deal with Google. More »

So you’re in a rush to head out but you need to grab those essentials before you rush out of the front door. Keys, wallet and your mobile phone all make the list of those essentials, and now, with the Callet Case, you can merge your iPhone 3G/Blackberry Curve/Bold/Tour and wallet into one. More »

Technology is a wonderful thing. Two companies collaborating to make the world a better place. Okay, maybe not the whole world, but this collaboration will definitely light up my world! LG Display and QD Vision have announced their partnership, hoping to bring a more brighter, vivid, and powerful display technology. More »

Doesn’t seem like it’s a rumor anymore. It was reported earlier that around 20% of Yahoo’s workforce will be cut, with Yahoo saying that that number is misleading. But which company would want to admit to how much people they have to layoff? Someone first alerted the public of these layoffs on November 23rd, saying that they will being after Thanksgiving, but before “XMAS.” Here are some of the other tips received: More »

How many ways to use a keyboard can you think of? I bet making waffles wasn’t one of them, even though it should be. Chris Dimino created a waffle-making typewriter, using an actual Smith-Corona Coronamatic typewriter, for the exhibit “Next Best…Ding!” which showcases reinventions of the typewriter. The typewriter works like any other waffle-iron; it just serves QWERTY keyboard-shaped waffles instead of those boring circular ones. Break me off a shift key please! More »

If you haven’t watched Wall-E, you should because it’s a great movie. But if you have, then you’ll understand why Russian space corporation Energia has initiated a project to remove 600 pieces of trash we dumped in space (by trash I mean things like satellites). Energia plans to start 2023 and continue the project for 15 years, using a pod that knocks debris out of orbit and towards the part of atmosphere that will cause them to burn up. More »

Who would’ve thought that somebody now OWNS the sun and even plans to charge its users? Angeles Duran, 49-year-old woman from Spain claims to own the star and has the registration papers to prove it. Ms. Duran stated that she took the step in September after reading about an American man who had registered himself as the owner of the moon and most planets in our solar system. She was quoted: More »

- Many BitTorrent sites are being seized by the US Government and shut down without much of a notice.

- I promise to attempt to lessen my procrastination if I had the BendDesk to work on (multitouch and so cool-looking!) More »

Make the healthier food choice in the store every time with Fooducate. Just scan the barcode of the item you’re unsure about and see the simplified explanation of its ingredients and healthy grade level. Then you can compare or see alternatives that will help you make the choice that is better for you. More »

I thought I would only see this in TV shows. Turns out Sectra engineered a Visual Imaging Table that uses CT and MRI scans to create a 3D representation of a human body on a multitouch table. One great thing about this is that you can use a “virtual knife” to examine the body. More »

Facebook isn’t perfect. There are tons of privacy issues with the information users post on the social networking site, but besides that I’d say the site works rather well and I’m sure the over 500 million other users would agree. Which is why I’m wondering how successful the new social networking site Diaspora will be. More »

16GB iPad WiFi AND 3G network, free! Softbank Mobile recently announced a pricing plan - the iPad with the 3G will be completely free. Only if you agree to a two year data plan. No built in monthly charge, all you have to do is pay ¥4,725 ($56) per month. $56 a month seems awesome, you’ll be able to access the internet almost anywhere! More »

It was reported that Yahoo had, earlier this year, tried to buy over popular deal site Groupon. But unfortunately that failed, with Groupon stating its wish to remain an independent site. But now it seems like Google succeeded in buying the site in a 2.5 billion dollar deal. Nothing has been announced yet; but it seems very likely. More »

There are countries out there that think the Apple iPad is dangerous to a person’s health. A year and a half ago, South Australian Health Department banned the iPad for “questionable” safety in using the iPad. And so, the department took a closer study and reassessed the device and now it has been deemed a completely safe device that “would not compromise the confidentiality of patient information.” More »

Director of the ever popular Lord of the Ring series, Peter Jackson, will be using thirty RED EPIC cameras to film The Hobbit 3D. Fancy, huh? In fact, these are hand-machined cameras. Talk about hard work. I love the Lord of the Rings - I’ll definitely be looking forward to this film! This little tibbet of news came straight from RED founder, Jim Jannard. So this isn’t just a rumor. He’s actually filming this all by hand with RED EPIC cameras. And that’s not all! More »

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