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There’s nothing more frustrating then when your cell phone indicator flashes “Low Battery.” It always seems to happen during the most crucial moments too, like when you’re waiting for a call back from an interview or when you’re trying to pre-order tickets to something selling out quickly. Thanks to Hashy-Topin’s Phone x Phone iPhone Charger you’ll never have to miss an important call while your dead phone is getting revived. More »

Looking for that perfectly eco-friendly form of transportation to get from place to place? Well, New York may have discovered that very form. The New York Hornblower Hybrid, a ferry that will be the world’s first to rely on hydrogen, solar, and wind power for motorization, is under construction in Bridgeport, Connecticut, and hopefully will be completed by April. The boat holds 600 passengers, equipped with Tier 2 diesel engines, hydrogen fuel cells, solar panels, and wind turbines. Its power will come from a proton exchange membrane fuel cell that converts hydrogen into electricity. More »

- Predictions are surfacing that say that the iPad will be having an extremely good 2011, sales growing 250% more and hurting the demand for PCs.

- This leaked image of the Olympus E-PL2 arrives with a very interesting macro spotlight that seems really interesting. More »

The New Year is just around the corner, and now is as good a time as any to reflect on some of the iconic YouTube moments of the year. That’s right: YouTube moments. While it may seem trite, YouTube is one of those things that has changed our lives in the past decade, and it is only fitting to pay some tribute to the video sharing giant. Here are the ten most shared videos of 2010! More »

Most of you are probably old enough to remember that about ten years ago, before the advent of digital cameras, people took pictures using a good ‘ol roll of film. Well, one of the most iconic film roll brands from Kodak, Kodachrome, is finally getting its life’s candle snuffed out! More »

Ring in the New Year right with this New Year Noise Maker app, providing you with festive noises to help you celebrate the occasion. There are various noise options that will play randomly when you select the horn, making it a surprise every time you use it. Always be ready with cheers and never get caught without a celebratory noisemaker again. More »

There are so features we all want on our phones but just can’t have. Or well, some features we want, but doesn’t seem possible. But it doesn’t stop designers from designing their ideal cell phone! Some of them are really unique. A roll out touch pad, a see through water droplet phone, a phone in the shape of a pen - there are so many here on this site. Personally, I love the water droplet idea. I don’t think it will ever be possible, because I don’t think it’s possible to make a phone completely see through. You would then have to make all the wires and the chips all transparent which is probably really hard to do. But if they ever did, I would probably be at the store right now setting up a new plan. It’s pretty awesome. More »

I’m sure that we’ve all had a chance to make music with our iDevices at one point or another, but did you know that the Gorillaz have actually recorded their entire latest album on an iPad? More »

Not to be confused with Canon, this Caoon DSLR is actually not a DSLR at all, but it is an MP3 player and speaker in the shape of the pro cameras. More »

Definitely the brightest pupil of the class, LG have got it covered when it comes to fulfiling their promis of a TV investment in 2011. Boasting the largest LED-backlit 3D LCD HDTV with a mind-blowing 72-inches, local-dimming LEDs as well as TruMotion 400Hz to smooth out those evasion techniques, LG introduce the LZ9700. More »

I know there are a plenty of robots that are famous for doing human-like tasks, but this one beats all of them because it actually uses obstacles to its advantage and carries out everyday human-like tasks, such as using a table to sit down or walk. As we all know, not many robots can do that. Built by researchers at Japan’s National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, this robot (called HRP-2) actually has an ability to analyze how an object can be used to their advantage. More »

From Rekuru: We’ve seen it all — from vending machines that dispense bananas to vending machines that give you live crabs. But can they beat this one? This one actually grows lettuce (up to 20000 heads) without the presence of sunlight! This can be fit snugly in any restaurant and is capable of producing 60 heads per day. More »

From Rekuru: It’s an iPhone16 cookie that costs $33 dollars. Yeah, that’s one really expensive cookie. But look at it, doesn’t it look delicious? More »

- China has pretty much just banned every VoIP service (ex: Skype) that isn’t state-owned from the country.

- We are bigger social network addicts than I though, leading Facebook to beat out Google as most visited site this year. More »

If you aren’t in the mood for a drink (or aren’t old enough) while everyone else is but still want to partake in the fun “clinking” of glasses for a toast, Waterford Clink-Clink hands you a virtual glass that will make the sound for you. The app also includes a very extensive database with over 100 of your classic toasts for you to reference from to be sure that you’ll be saying the perfect words for the occasion. More »

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