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From Htcyou: Starting in April, Star Wars character Darth Vader has been appearing on various ads of the Samsung Galaxy S, which is offered in Japan through mobile carrier NTT DoComo. It has recently been revealed that the campaign uses Darth Vader to grab people’s attention and to represent the cell phone, as he is ‘always with you.’ More »

From Htcyou: An XDA developer has recently been working on a build of Android for the Toshiba TG01. We’ve seen the operating system working on iOS devices, and now we see it working on a Windows Mobile device! If you have the same phone and are courageous, you might want to try out his first test build at your own risk. Check out his thread for more info. More »

Oh my goodness, the day has come! YouTube will be releasing a new advertisement format called TrueView that will allow its users to skip over ads they’re not interested in watching, and the advertisers are okay with it! More »

- According to a Nielsen study, women are more likely to purchase an iPhone (and men, an Android) as their next desired smartphone.

- Though still in the planning stages, there is a chance that Heath Ledger will get to make a final appearance in The Dark Knight Rises. More »

Last summer Google announced the Google Editions, and all the waiting seems to be over soon, as this online e-book store will probably launch before the end of this year. Editions allows purchasers to read their e-books anywhere and in as many ways as possible, as it supports many kinds of formats, and they can access their collection from any browser. More »

There’s nothing like a nice massage after a long day, but those can get pretty expensive, especially if you need them everyday. Introducing the WheeMe, a robotic masseuse. More »

Google has just released their official Google Reader app for the Android market and for a first version this app is jam packed with a lot of features! More »

From Htcyou: Sharp IS03 is one of the Android phones that are meant to be sold in Japan, and recently it gained a lot of attention for having over 250,000 pre-orders online and another 200,000 orders in stores. So a total of whopping 450,000 pre-orders according to Kei Shimada who is a market research analyst! More »

From Htcyou:

It has been announced on Android’s developer blog that age ratings will soon be added to all applications on Android Market. Soon, developers will have to include a rating for their new apps and also to their existing ones. More »

From Htcyou:

We just reported that builds of Android 2.3 Gingerbread and Android 3.0 Honeycomb were spotted in testing, and now we just heard that those 3.0 builds on AIR Benchmark were all faked by frAndroid. Apparently this shouldn’t be that surprising, as we live in the world of leaks and rumors, right? However, don’t be disappointed yet, as Honeycomb is possibly still in testing. More »

Market research firm Comscore has recently reported that this year’s Cyber Monday, the first Monday after Black Friday, broke the record. According to Comscore, US consumers spent over $1 billion online on November 29th, which is 16% higher than the Cyber Monday in 2009. The average amount spent per transaction was $60.05, and nearly half the money of the total amount came from ‘work computers.’ More »

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is a fictional movie about a guy who’s born old and gets younger and younger over time (in other words, ages backwards), but scientists are coming close to making it a reality. More »

- Transform Google Translator into Google Beatbox with this pretty amusing discovery.

- The S800 phone by Lenovo is catching interest for its translucent color display - pretty cool concept for a phone. More »

In a recent survey by ChangeWave , consumers were asked which device they’d most likely purchase to use as an e-Book Reader. The iPad is revealed to be the top choice, gaining 42% of the 2,800 consumers that were surveyed. More »

So Panasonic is the next company in wanting to step foot into the gaming system world and they’re doing it with a handheld system named “Jungle” which the company announced back in October. More »

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