Noteslate has colour but not all. It is a touchable slate consisting of a 13 inch diagonal, 750 x 1080 display that is said the be “eInk”. It will supposedly be ready for release in June, and you will be able to select from a black background and white foreground or the other way round. Other colours like green, blue or red text will probably be found elsewhere.

A touch or pen input is compatible for use with us. Also, the tablet offers 180 hours of battery life. You can store simple drawing, notes and MP3 playback too. Version 1.5 will have PDF text viewing, with version 2 having OCR handwriting recognition. At just $99, it is a bargain, even though the multi-colour edition will cost more. If you can keep your temptation in for just a couple of months, then it will have been well worth the wait!


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wah. this is really cool,.!!

nice!!!!! i want one! it amazes me in a simple way :D

Daang, this makes me want this one now ):.. And that’s pretty cheap too!

ooo cannot wait for its release in june.
thanks for sharing!

Wow, this is a really nice tablet. This way you can actually see what you draw/write on the tablet. Much easier than the ones w/o it. Too bad my sister didn’t get one like this :/

it looks so cool
i think i’d wanna buy one and the price is real nice too
thanks for sharing

i was thinking of buying a tablet but now i want this one
even if only has some colors it’s still pretty useful

i’ll probably get this! it’s so convenient.
and cool looking too!
man i want this D:

Dude...when I think about this, it makes me remember my childhood days when I was playing on the chalkboards! >_< This is totally cool!!!!!!!! i want one!

i’d love to play with that tablet. it reminds me of the drawing boards i played with as a kid xD
and the fact that it’s $99 is awesome. that’s definitely a bargain xD
thanks for sharing :]

Wuah! Wish I had this one! It’s better than the magnetic drawing boards for kids or what they’re called. XD You can’t erase that easily and the pen is really thick.
This one even has colours. That’s just cool!

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