Sony Ericsson is world-renowned for coming up with some of the most innovative and attractive designs when it comes to mobile devices. As you can see from the beautiful shot above, the upcoming Xperia Arc is certainly no exception. But, as the saying goes, you can’t judge a book by its cover. A recently revealed video by gives us an exclusive look at this mobile work of art.

It seems that the Xperia line of Sony Ericsson phones has only been getting better as subsequent models have been released. Starting with the somewhat clunky X1 model and progressing through the X10 (no, there were not ten models of the Xperia), both usability and design have been steadily improving. Now with the unveiling of the Arc, many are anticipating the pinnacle of Sony Ericsson design and technology. Check out an in-depth view below:

One of the biggest problems for previous Xperia users was that the signature user interface, Timescape (along with its media brother Mediascape), were a bit tough to muddle through. This new footage, however, reveals that these components have been severely down-sized and don’t “get in the way” anymore, making the experience on the Arc much more streamlined and quick.

No word on pricing has been released yet, but, judging from previous models, don’t be surprised if this baby runs for as high as around $400. If you’re drooling at the sight of this (like I am) I would recommend hoarding money away now!

Source: Engadget

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kya~~!, it already,.
juts looking at it makes me want it,.!

the phone looks so nice! :D
thanks for sharing

Nice!!!!!! I did skip some part of the video to get to the good parts! >0<

brettchoi - 01/24/11 7:33 pm

video’s too long so i skipped parts XD
but that’s a really nice phone
definitely want one!
thanks for sharing

LOL yeah i skipped parts too!
the phone’s really nice and thin!
it’s too much for me though!

ouu! that’s such a cool phone!

That’s a nice looking phone! Pretty pricey tho..

ahhh it’s so cool-looking!! the features are incredible too!! and so is the price… O_O

video’s too long so i skipped parts XD
but that’s a really nice phone
definitely want one!
thanks for sharing

suggest a link

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