According to some disgruntled statuses, Tweets and e-mails, a handful of Google Gmail users have recently been experiencing some problems with their accounts. While the problem, caused by a system bug, seems to be resolved now, the damage has been done for some 500,000 Gmail users, and people are not happy.

Late last week, the aforementioned 500,000 users were unable to access their Gmail e-mail accounts. Shortly after, when access was restored, these users discovered that their accounts had been reset. In other words, it was as if they had just opened a new account, void of all their previous e-mails, attachments and chat records.

Google has released a statement saying that the bug affected less than .29% of the Gmail usership, and that engineers are currently working to resolve the issue and restore the lost e-mails.

So, if you or someone you know is one of the unlucky ones, just sit tight, and hopefully your previous digital mementos will be restored shortly.

Source: Engadget