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A simple yet cute timer for your iDevice arrives with QTimer. Sporting a colorful display, it’ll be hard to resist using it for just about anything you need timed (ramen cooking, exercise intervals, etc.). More »

With the marriage of cell phone company Nokia and computing giant Microsoft comes a new age of innovation and technology for both companies. With this new partnership, however, has come the death of the Symbian operating system that was a Nokia signature. Instead, the Windows Phone 7 operating system will now be filling up Nokia smartphones and many are questioning how this will affect pricing on phones. More »

Google has always been at the forefront of the internet world. With innovations in the fields of science, art and technology, Google is now taking aim at social networking. While they aren’t launching their own social networking site, Google is getting their toes wet by updating their previously scarcely known Social Search utility. More information after the break! More »

YouTube is currently working towards bringing their videos to your TV. We can already watch YouTube videos on our PS3 and Wii, using the console browser, but the quality is not that great. It’s worse with the PS3, having a maximum streaming resolution of 240 pixels. Imagine having that while watching on a larger TV, that would most definitely not be a pleasant view. They currently have apps for some internet-enabled TVs and blu-ray players, but not everyone has an internet-connected TV or blu-ray player. Usually, most people just own the game consoles and a regular TV. According to a recent Google job posting, YouTube is looking to get into the console game now. More »

Over a five-year period, a group lead by professor Jürgen Lademann of the Department of Dermatology, Venereology and Allergy of the Charité-University Medicine in Berlin have been working on a Star Trek-styled hand-held scanned that can detect the health of a patient just by scanning the skin. More »

The universal charging dock Idapt i2+ launched at CES is now shipping from the company and it will be available soon at Walmart, Crutchfield, Costco and loads of other stores. You can get it for $39.99, which will allow you to charge devices of these six of the most popular charging tips: miniUSB, microUSB, iPod / iPhone, Samsung 4, Nokia 2 and Sony Ericsson 2. More »

Have you ever wondered how Disney Pixar studios looks like? Here is a rare video tour of the animation house and the quality of this video is fantastic! More »

From Htcyou:

It was just recently announced that Samsung Mobile has been awarded the #1 spot in customer loyalty for their 10th consecutive year making them the 8th company to do so and the first mobile division to achieve the honor. More »

Gift the warm gift of baking with help from theSweet Baking app as your kitchen partner. Filled with loads of recipes and tips for all sorts of baked goods, there’s even an occasions category that can help you narrow down the choices for the item that best fits the celebration you’re baking for. Or whether you’re just baking for your sweet tooth, you’ll be able to pull it all off as if you were a baking pro. More »

- The only life lessons you need are the ones learned from playing Super Mario Bros.

- The driverless pods in Masdar City have begun their limited trial as a new and futuristic way to travel. More »

According to, Apple is currently working on iPad tablets with screen sizes just below 6 inches, which would be released at Apple’s annual Fall event. They claim this information comes from two independent sources. More »

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Apple CEO Steve Jobs and ten other notable individuals from the world of technology recently joined the President of the United States, Barack Obama, for dinner. The food, of course, was not the focus of the night; it was really all about job creation. More »

Despite Sony Ericsson finally revealing its long awaited Xperia Play smartphone/gaming device hybrid, many are still speculating on what networks the Play will be available for. Previous rumors had predicted that the Play may become available on the Verizon network, and some new evidence has bolstered the legitimacy of this tech gossip! More »

The hype for the Storm 2 has already quickly died down. Now, Verizon is planning on continuing with the touchscreen BlackBerry theme. However, most consumers are becoming impatient. A new phone, Monaco, has been leaked under various names for the past six months, but has now been captured in a brief video with the famous Verizon logo. How close the phone is to production is unknown, the hardware and software (said to be BlackBerry OS 6.1 with mobile hotspot capability, among other features) is possibly extremely early or near final. More »

From Htcyou: Smartphones tend to require a whole lot of batteries. I know mine does! I have to make sure I charge mine every night before going to class the next day. Conveniently, a new Android smartphone called the Umeox Apollo is the only phone that runs on solar power! More »

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