Want to hear something .. slightly disturbing? Even if you don’t have the tracking app on your iPhone, it’s still possible to track all of you movements. How? There is a hidden iOS file deep in your phone and iOS backups that keeps track of all your movements.

It’s unencrypted and once you backup your files onto your iTunes, anyone who is on your computer can access it. The data comes from a cell tower triangulation, not the GPS chip. It’s not accidental, but no one is really sure why it’s there in the first place.

But don’t really worry, Apple has no access to this data so they aren’t trying to keep you under their radar. It still doesn’t answer the question of why it is there and there currently is no way of removing it. If you are worried, though, you can choose the encrypt backups option when you are backing up your phone so no one who has access to your computer can actually see this data.