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People have been patiently waiting for an announcement about the WiMax Playbook 4G from Sprint, and they have gotten one in a way. Go to Google and type in ‘Spring Playbook’. The third link down offers a little incite on the Playbook but clicking the link just takes you to Sprints homepage. So, we now know it has web, a 7″ HD touchscreen, dual-core processor and front and rear cameras. More »

Today’s unique USB features a Purple Bear USB Charger! Looks like double the pain, as the bear is stuck to an electrical wall socket and you can recharge your iPod or something else with the USB port by means of its bottom. More »

On top of the already leaked information that has been revealed about the BlackBerry Curve Touch, model numbers 9350/9370, new and also leaked videos have now been revealed. More »

Shortly after the release of the Google Wallet, Paypal slammed Google with a 28-page lawsuit stating how Google basically stole some of PayPal’s company secrets. More »

In New York, students from Murrow High School and James Madison High School will be in Union Square tomorrow in Manhattan, showing off their new solar powered pizza box. Looks like they are made of tin foil but it it safe to touch! Or so they say. More »

Using Spy Tools you can now fool your friends into thinking that you actually have devices of a spy. Using book illusions, facebook illusions and many more you can now take photos of your friends. Night Vision can help you see in the dark and to access your Phone number tracker, simply copy one number from your phonebook and localize its position, your friends will surely get fooled! But be warned, this is actually for entertainment purposes only and does not really provide true phone track functions. More »

On Friday, rumours escalated that Apple could be developing a MacBook with one of its own chips, rather than Intel’s. And an Intel executive had some thoughts of the subject, so let’s think about the post on the website, Macotakara Kanteidan, about the MacBook Air test vehicle packing a Thunderbolt port. More »

The Amazon AppStore has offered one of probably a number of updates to come. The update fixes a few bugs but one notable problem it addresses is the single purchase button it had. Now, there is a double click requirement to verify purchases. Basically, it helps anyone who is unlucky enough to accidentally buy something and not get that second required click to stop the order. That button would be my savior. More »

-Although Facebook doesn’t have an iPad App, they’re actually planning to build a full-fledged desktop app!

- It looks like the program manager of Microsoft asked some group of teens to help him build a fusion reactor in his garage. More »

On Twitter, you can do some casually fun things like pretending to be someone else, and you can share your thoughts on many things. But if you have livelous feelings, you could soon have a problem. The Guardian says that Twitter has revealed all. More »

On Friday, Mozilla switched its soon to be Firefox 6 browser over to Aurora channel where users can download and test out the new browser. The Aurora channel basically will have all of the new updates and features as they become available to prepare the browser for a beta version that would eventually lead to the final and mass released product. More »

Have you ever thought about the source of your computer’s humming sound? Well it’s probably the fan that tries to ventilate the internal components, and it’s a typical cooling system. Generally speaking, as electronic components get tinier and more powerful, the amount of heat they generate gets proportionately higher. More »

In act of brilliant PR, Vodafone is making its one of a kind battery truck. It is a 40-foot long truck that can charge up to 2,000 devices simultaneously. As you can see from the picture, there are Vodafone workers situated in each station, ready to plug anyone’s iPhones, Blackberrys, Nokia handsets, and all Android phones to the thousands of outlets this truck provides. This service is exclusive not only Vodafone users, but UK users as well (you can provide tell by the Britain flag on the truck).

This trucks will make its first appearance at the Isle of Wight festival next month. So make sure you check the truck out if you’re around the area!


From Htcyou:

Android devices have proven to be one hot commodity. After all, Android devices rank supreme in the mobile market and it’s no surprise, given how awesome this OS is. Android is looking to keeping its smoking hot streak alive throughout the summer, so check out some of the hottest Android devices for the summer! More »

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