Sadly, not real ones. But these are just as cute. The Panda Darake Chopsticks Practice Kit feature a variety of pandas in poses that are suppose to entice you to get your chopsticks and pick them up, while improving your abilities with finger dexterity as well.

The kit comes with a pair of chopsticks, a balancing tire, and 12 tiny and cute panda figures.

Your aim is to use the chopsticks (and your skills) to pick up all the pandas and balance them on the tire. Repeat until you’re so amazing, you can even do it with your eyes closed.

A set of your own is available here at Amazon.

You can’t deny that this is totally adorable, not to mention how much fun it would be to learn to use chopsticks this way.

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The pandas are so cute but sadly i already know how to use chopsticks

cuteee :D
but im asian, so ive done enough practice already i reckon~

that is kewl. XD
seems fun. LOL

ahaha I want these :D
ty for sharing :D

LOL so cute and useful xDD
thanks for sharing !!

thats just cute, and a great motivator. thanks for sharing ^^

LOL...this is totally cute stuff…
wouldn’t mind getting this just to have fun!!

haha i love them so cute
this would a rlly fun game to see who could do it faster in my family
Thanks for sharing <333

I don’t really need to improve because I am the only person I know that can use them properly but I would sooo get this just because I love Pandas and it is sooo cute! *^-^*

Those are sooo cute!!<3 Would def encourage me to practice using chopsticks :DD hehe I don’t really think I need to practice though ahah. I would anyway for the cute pandas though! ;D Thx for sharin!

Awww I really want one now. i love pandas and I want to learn how to use chopsticks.

i love pandas!
these are so cute!! x]]]]


That’s cute! I would purchase this to get better at using chopsticks! 

HAHAHA that’s really cute!

adorable :D
Thanks for sharing ! xD

the pandas are so cute >.<

OMG. This is so cute! I want one! Also since I’m not that good at using chopsticks. Hehe.

ahahah cute~~!!!
but i think my chopstick skills are pretty good~
dont thimk i need one~

suggest a link

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