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From Htcyou: The intermediate mid-range device Samsung Galaxy Precedent will be available soon for an off-contract price of $150 on Straight Talk. You can simply buy the phone and pay for a monthly Straight Talk Unlimited plan for $45, which includes calling, texting as well as web browsing. More »

Last week, Adobe had wrote a blog post that asked its Facebook fans how they organized and backed up their photo collections. It seems most of the answers included just saving it on Flickr or on external hard disks. More »

Soldiers facing a building full of bad guys can now toss in a grenade, drive it to their hiding spot and detonate the explosive all via remote control. This new “Smart Grenade” built by Hanwha Corp. are being used by South Korean defense forces. An officer stated that these devices can give them eyes-on information on places they can’t reach. More »

From Htcyou: Remember when Google bought (actually, “acquire” sounds better and more civilized) Motorola and people were getting paranoid about Google’s ability to interfere with Android devices? More »

Today’s Unique USB features a Hello Kitty Candy USB Memory Stick! Besides the famous kitty herself being sweet, why not add a candy shape to the USB as well? More »

That’s right. The Samsung NC215 laptop is not just any ordinary mini notebook that you can pass on by from. Especially after hearing that this baby can actually be powered by the sun. More »

The Google Fiber project has finally gone live finally, after engineers were busy laying out the groundwork for a 1Gps network across both Kanas Cities and preparing to launch a beta test near Stanford. More »

Check out this custom made R2-D2 Bike Helmet by Jenn Hall, a Star Wars fan and pastry artist. All you need to create one for yourself is a few different colored spray paint cans, sanding, some custom add-ons created from PVC pipe and a few hundred cans of clear coat to finish off your very own R2-D2 helmet! More »

Lenovo has historically controlled about 30% of the Chinese market, but recently Apple’s total sales revenue in China has outpaced Lenovo for the first time. More »

Introducing the Cedes Toothpaste Squeezer! Having problems on getting every last drop of toothpaste out of the tube? More »

Ford and Toyota are pairing up together to work on the next-generation of networking and Internet-connected services that will be found in their cars. This project will hopefully set the standards for other automakers to comply to and surpass. More »

Pic Collage is an app that can set out your inner creativity! By just resizing, pinching or stretching your photos, you can now create an artwork filled with your most loved photos! You can also send it to your family and friends through email or better yet make it your wallpaper in your smartphones. More »

According to a recent study by Don J. Q. Chen and Vivien K.G. Lim of the National University of Singapore, Web browsing may actually improve your performance at work, as it can refresh your tired mind and enhance your productivity. The study was conducted comparing to other activities such as making personal calls, text or emails, or even working straight through without any rest. More »

Pretty much how it sounds, this one bridesmaid was somehow unable to attend the wedding but still wanted to come. The solution? Arrive and be there via iPad. More »

- Ever wondered how the Facebook Like Button looks like around the world? Check it out here!

- One developer fined $50,000 for illegally collecting data of kids. More »

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