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From Htcyou: Research in Motion Ltd. (RIM) is probably seeking some sales boost of its Blackberrys, as it has been reported that their next-gen models might run Android apps through the new QNX software. The QNX phones are expected to be introduced in ‘early’ 2012. More »

We’ve already heard that the Amazon tablet will cost “hundreds less” than Apple’s $499 iPad. The highly anticipated tablet will bear resemblance to the HP TouchPad, but it will be using Google’s Android platform. More »

If you’re an iOS developer, you better hurry up and try out iTunes Match, which can be found with iTunes 10.5 beta 6.1. For just $24.99/year, you can share your music within the Cloud. More »

- The California Police are now experimenting on a computer program that can predict crimes.

- HP now issues a TouchPad liquidation order and its only worth $100. More »

AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile are investing $100 million in a joint system that will let users purchase goods with their smartphones. With Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express on board, it’s a matter of time before mobile wallets become mainstream. The venture is called Isis, and this investment should bring in more funding from bank and retailers. More »

Excessive braking wastes energy and fuel because it requires fuel to get your car moving again. That’s why I usually try to slow down and roll towards a red traffic light rather than braking, or even worse, braking abruptly. Once the light turns green, I don’t use as much fuel as I would if I were at a complete stop before accelerating. More »

I actually didn’t think it’d be quite possible, you know, to have something really tiny for electric cars. But that’s what Nichicon did as it has introduced to us the world’s smallest electronic vehicle chargers, the NGQ-A202 and NGQ-A302. More »

The Taga Bike is a great investment for parents with one or two toddlers. I can imagine how tiring it is to push a stroller for long distances, but now you can actually bike with the stroller. More »

Snapseed is an app that can transform all your photos into something extraordinary and fun. With this app, you can now edit your photos by this app’s advance features. You can add some filters such as black and white, vintage films, drama, grudge, center focus and many more! More »

Samsung is coming out with a new phone known as the Galaxy W, but no one knew about how the color looked, until now. Thanks to a Mai Nguyen, we get a first glimpse of what this upcoming phone looks like. More »

During a 150-minute speech at an internal government briefing, Major General Jin Yinan accidentally revealed that there is a spy high up in the Chinese government. Nobody knows how the video leaked, but the damage has been done. More »

Though this news doesn’t exactly confirm that the new iPhone model will come to Sprint. It seems a bit weird that they’ve chosen to react to a recent Wall Street Journal article on the topic. A memo was sent out to Sprint employees to remind them that they are not suppose to speculate or comment about a possible iPhone 5 launch. More »

When all the lights go out and you’re searching for a flashlight, you want to make sure that that flashlight will live throughout the entire duration of the darkness and not keel over. Introducing to you the Solarforce M6, which is an awesome, power-rocking LED flashlight that looks eerily like a lightsaber handle. More »

Besides the initial excitement that a new iPod touch may be coming, the additional rumor that it could also arrive as a white model is more reason to hope it all ends up true. From an unnamed supplier, the photo above shows off white-colored parts of an alleged fifth-generation iPod touch, leading to new speculation that Apple may release a white version of the popular media player. More »

Today’s Unique USB features a USB Roll Up Piano! Now this I would love to try out. More »

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