Let’s face it, there are not many people who have the time to sit around waiting too long for their computer to start up. Windows understands this and so for the upcoming Windows 8, they’ve introuduced a super fast boot time that will have you set up in no time…

As you can see, the laptop with Windows 8 takes literally seconds to boot - it’s so fast that you barely notice it! How exactly have Windows done this, I hear you ask?

Well, instead of a normal shutdown where both the user and kernel sessions are closed, Windows 8 only closes the user session and will store the kernel session. This results in a “hiberfile” (which is notably smaller than that of a normal hibernation) and therefore an incredibly quick boot up, even, as shown in the video, with the battery absent before.

Microsoft even say that in their tests, the boot up time ranges from 30 to a whopping 70 per cent faster rate! I’m not sure about you, but my computer takes around 1-2 minutes to boot up, and to me, being connected in seconds sounds so appealing!

What do you reckon?