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A video of a Petman robot that was produced by Boston Dynamics has just made its way onto the internet, and it’s fair to say that it has caused quite a stir. That bot walks on a treadmill, carries out squats, and does push-ups with no sweat whatsoever in the video. More »

A interesting renewing of a deal has just taken place between Netflix and Amazon, for both parties to get a crack at much of the same contents. Disney’s “Hannah Montana” and Disney-owned ABC’S “Ugly Betty”, “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Lost” will be available on Netflix’s streaming service for longer. More »

This year’s Rocky Mountain Audio Fest that took place at the Denver Marriott Tech Center Hotel showed off a lot of high end audio designs. However, what enlightened us all was a special headphone oriented show named CanJam. More »

iStudiez is an app which can be quite useful when it comes to student. Due to your busy scedules and loads of homework you can no longer keep track of time, so with this app you can now organize all your schedules in order to finish your work on the right time and get a few hours of rest from a stressful day or work. More »

Anybody logged into Google Reader very recently? Well if you did, hopefully you will have notices a completely sleeker interface compared to the one you have been using, because Google have given their Google a refreshing new look. More »

- A few photos of the Panasonic Lumix GX1 get leaked all over the internet.

-It looks like appMobi decided to launch their latest HTML5-powered browser for the iOS! More »

So, it’s now Halloween, and I’m sure you’ll see many different types of costumes appearing before. Some wacky, some rather basic, but there will certainly be a contrast. However, there is one rather unique design… More »

From Htcyou: If you visited Google today, you’ll see one peculiar Google Doodle that is more elaborate than other days. For this year’s Halloween, Google decided to really go all out and used six humongous pumpkins to customize their logo into and present their festive spirit, presented in one time-lapse video that is really astonishing to see. More »

From Funsauce: Let’s admit it, we’ve all had at least one moment where we got scared by our computers. Not because they came alive and started attacking you, but more like some horror linked popped up and scared the crap out of you. However, it looks like a certain girl is scared of anything and everything! More »

HP has, out of nowhere, insisted that the webOS will not yet be ditched. They released a statement to reveal this. Reports last week claimed that the webOS would be scrapped. However, that may not be the case any longer. More »

We’ve reported before that Apple engineers were working on iPhone 4S battery life issue, and now users are suggesting that the bug may be in iOS 5 location services. The software features the ‘Setting Time Zone’ service, which is operating even when the user has not moved to a different location or time zone. More »

Roku has recently released a firmware update for its Roku 2 family along with some new gaming options, such as Pac Mac: CE, Galaga, Storm in a Teacup as well as Angry Birds Seasons. More »

From Htcyou: If MobileSyrup is no doubt correct about this, then Rogers fans would be getting two great new phones: the Galaxy S Glide and the Motorola RAZR on the first week of November. More »

From Htcyou: Oh Walmart. I don’t know about you, but generally, most problems and checks can be solved with a quick search into Google…but apparently whoever was on the ad design team for this one chose not to. Maybe out of laziness, maybe they were on a time crunch, but seriously, this is just sloppy to make a mistake like this. More »

Today’s unique USB features a Stitch USB Humidifier! The cute alien Disney character can sit down on your desk and demand food with his mouth wide open. More »

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