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If you’re one of those parents that are super protective towards your children, the iSave-SC1 could be some nice stuff to get for them, for which it’s almost safe as a marshmallow. More »

It has appeared to be that Google Maps are proving to be a gateway for criminal gangs planning to carry out attacks. A lot of gangs are searching for areas where they believe that metal will be left by Network Rail or its contractors. More »

Lion has many ways in which you can make your Mac easier to use. A few of them though may take longer than others to adjust to. System Preference and applications’ preferences is where many can be rolled back into. More »

All the time, we hear of situations where people lose their jobs for posting negative comments about their place of work on the web. It’s now as if this happens every day. At the moment, the problem is causing issues for many. More »

Seems like Facebook has been trying to bump up their security system that they’ve been putting much effort into their new developed “Trusted Friends“, which me personally finds pretty useless. More »

From Htcyou: As much fun as the collectibles are, you can’t really do much with them but display them. So how could anyone resist this giant Android plushie that can take your hugs and squishes and all your love? More »

From Htcyou: With another stop by the FCC, it seems as though the HTC Rezound/Vigor has gained a new change that will definitely make it one of the smartphones to watch. More »

From Htcyou: From Gmail and Dropbox to Flickr and Picasa, cloud services are gradually getting very popular, but the thing is that they usually all require you to download their applications to get to your data. In comes Jolicloud, the portable desktop that aims to expand to the mobile space and bring all your cloud services under one app. More »

It seems like the hype for Apple’s iPhone 4S is not over yet as the company has now aired not one, but three brand-new spanking TV ads for the phone. These three ads cover the iCloud, Siri, and Camera. More »

Google Apps users now have the capability to use their professional email addresses to register and log onto the site. Customers have not been able to log in using their business account from since the site launched back in June. More »

If you so happen to visit the arcades a lot just to use your quarters to grab yourself some cadies, toys and stuff toys, you might as well get the Prize Claw. Its an app where your task is to use the claw ro grab some coins, gems, cars, dolls and many more in order fill up that empty room or place into something filled with fun and excitement. Gems in the game will help you grab some opportunities to trade them into prizes, while coins can help you upgrade your claw. More »

- Samsung phones such as the Samsung Italy, Galaxy S2, Galaxy Note and the many versions of Galaxy Tab will be receiving the Ice Cream Sandwich update!

- It looks like the next stop of the C3 Technologies‘ 3D mapping will be the iPhone. More »

As reported earlier, HP is to shut down the WebOS division. But that has left a huge gaping hole of crisis for many. Up to 500 jobs could be lost from the complete abandonment of WebOS. It is quite severe really. More »

Panasonic Corporation will be posting a group net loss of 300 billion yen ($3.95 billion) in the year to March 2012. A lot of this is down to the yen’s strength, as well a slowdown worldwide, and it has left a huge dent. More »

From Htcyou: From multiple sources, HTC Desire S users will soon see an update that will take them to Android 2.3.5/Gingerbread, which will also bump up the mid-range smartphone’s user interface from HTC Sense 2.1 to Sense 3.0 (the newest version available). More »

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