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iPads are not only used for playing games, videos or music, but they can now function as your very own hightech picture frames! Hammacher recently designed a product for all iPad users called the iPad 2 Photograph Frame, where you can now makes your iPads into a digital photo frame by choosing the specific photo you want, turning it sideways and placing it in the cherry finish frame. More »

Cregle inc. introduced the iPen, iPad’s first active stylist. To use you have to stick the receiver in the dock. Then open the app and write. When using there will be a cursor so you can precisely write or draw, which is called proximity sensitivity. More »

Despite the chart pictured above that shows the worldwide usage of the different browsers, Firefox is actually still very profitable. Although it seems like less and less people are using it, the value of Firefox and Mozilla is still very profitable to Google. Just how much is it worth to Google? More »

Apple recently published a patent idea that has to do with fuel cells. The whole purpose is to be able to have a battery that will allow devices to run for weeks without having to be recharged constantly. More »

For all you Xperia PLAY owners, there’s good news for you. Some of the developers have been trying to port the Icecream Sandwich to this phone. More »

If your having trouble recognizing some of the fonts used in magazine ads, posters or websites, you can now grab your smartphone, take a photo and use the app called WhatTheFont. With the help of this app, it will instantly give you the name of the font that has the same appearance as the font you just took a photo of. More »

For one day only on Christmas Eve, Best Buy offered their customers the opportunity to buy one iPhone 4 and then get another one free! Basically, they rewarded those who waited until the very last minute to do their shopping, and boy what a reward it was! More »

Research from Experian Hitwise shows that Facebook once again has the title of the most searched term on the internet this year. 3.1% of all searches is accounted for by Facebook, meaning an increase of 46% from 2010’s findings. More »

From Htcyou: Some bad news for those who were looking forward to being able to get their hands on a 4G LTE-equipped phone before the year ended. According to this leaked Verizon document, the Motorola DROID 4 (which was suppose to drop today) is apparently not going to be debuting until February 2 of next year. More »

From Htcyou: In their hilarious parodic fashion, the late-night talk show team from Conan has taken on Amazon’s Kindle Fire. More »

From Htcyou: The next installment update for Firefox is out! Specifically Firefox 9 will greatly appeal to you Android tablet users, since this latest version was especially optimized to be used on a tablet (though mobile users will benefit as well). With various support, a new user interface, and more to check out, it’s definitely one impressive upgrade from the previous. More »

From Htcyou: Though no one is really sure just what it will be, Chinese telecommunications manufacturer, Huawei, has caught ears with their latest announcement that said that for 2012, they promise to debut their “smartest, fastest and most high-performing smartphone yet, taking a leap into the future of mobile communications.” More »

From Htcyou: Before today, if you tried to visit the Android Market webpage (via on the Kindle Fire tablet/e-reader’s web browser, the device would actually forward you Amazon’s own Appstore. Now considering that you meant to visit the web version Google’s Android Market (since you typed it in and all), it could prove to be pretty frustrating. Though now you don’t have to worry…sort of. More »

- The rumored iPad 3 is set to release on Steve Job’s birthday.

- Researchers are now training their iPads into recognizing their owners with just a touch of their fingers. More »

FedEx has issued a formal apology after a video clip popped up on Youtube showing a FedEx courier tossing someone’s monitor over the fence rather than delivering it to the front door. More »

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