The SOPA and PIPA is pretty big right now indeed, with Wikipedia and Reddit and various other sites shutting down for their protests towards the unreasonable bill. I’m sure you have all heard it all through the news, or read it online, or talked about it with your friends, but here, I’m speaking from a high schooler’s view, who still has school work to do and Facebook to contact my friends and relatives with. It’s not deep, but it’s reality.

SOPA and PIPA isn’t just about “stopping online piracy” or “protecting IPs”. It’s “protect the copyrights” gone wild. Internet is a big part of our lives now, however, any little part of a website can apparently violate our buddy SOPA or PIPA, one or the other. And while the music and movie industries *cough* Hollywood *cough* are happily supporting the bills for their own benefits, it’s going harsh against the rest of the America.

I can see the good intention of respecting the creators perfectly well, but the bill is so poorly written that it’s getting ridiculous. Internet is a NET, which, one is connected to another, and the other is connected to somewhere else. It’s how things work, and it always has been. However, with this SOPA bill patrolling everywhere, the shut down of one website can lead to a billion others. Tell me again how would search engine giants like Google or Yahoo or Bing survive with that condition? They’re not personally doing the pirating and all, but because they’re freaking LINKED to one, they’re gone.

Talk about Wikipedia.

To create a webpage with billions of pages of different information certainly doesn’t guarantee that each one of the sources aren’t linked to any other pirating sites. And if one little piracy website from this place of…say France is caught among the sources, BAM, Wikipedia no more. As we all saw today, that big, useful, amazing, students’-best-friend website already blacked out as a protest of the law, with whiny and pissed off students here and there. Though how the White House will take it, it’s hard to say.

Heck, even Facebook would be kicked out, along with all its other social network best friends. Yeah, I’m talking about Twitter. These social websites include a whole lot of stuff with it, such as news, apps, games…and the big fat “sharing” button that provides a link to well, EVERYTHING. With every person’s every comment having the potential to set the site at risk, Facebook will be pretty impossible, not to mention the 5-minute update tweeting.

And we still haven’t gotten to the online businesses like eBay or KpopHeaven.

That being said, it means that everybody living on the land of the United States can all be facing lawsuits if others want to sue them. All they have to do is link a pirating site to your website, and bye bye. As the perfect example, our intelligent Lamar Smith who thought and filed the SOPA has stepped into the mine and exploded himself. Fun times, stabbing yourself with the knife you created.

Will SOPA and PIPA be put in to effect? I don’t know. Even with every site I usually visit protesting hard, I know there are companies out there that are jumping up and down with excitement for this to pass. Hollywood? Definitely. Warner Bros? Yeah more or less. While we are all crying out loud for the internet apocalypse, the big media companies are smirking for the great monopoly they’re getting. They can be suing practically every American if they visit this website with copyrighted movies they created.

HOWEVER. With the bills’ intention speaking loud and clear, it’s hard to ignore the fact that they’re actually “trying” to do something good, since piracy really isn’t that proud of a thing to do. So even with all the big internet sites shouting for fairness and trying to prevent the end of U.S. internet networks (and the rest of the world if this expands), I believe that there’s still at least a 50% chance out there the bill will pass, perhaps even more.

It’s a war between U.S. citizens V.S. media companies. President Obama has the call, and we’ll just need to see how well he weighs out the good and bad, as well as think of the future of Internet. The bills will create quite some job opportunities for lawyers, though.

Thoughts? (and please don’t link pirated sites, please and thanks)

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Yeah.. I don’t think I could live without YouTube. XD
My days would have a gap that was filled with the mixr sites too if this bill was passed. I really hope it won’t get passed. I signed the petition too.

i hope this stuff won’t be passed D:!

suggest a link

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